Any balanced one end/rca the other interconnects?

Anybody make a balanced/rca combo interconnect?
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Audioquest made me a pair, specify the grade of wire you want.
Most manufacturers will make them up for you custom. It won't pass a balanced signal of course, but there are some circumstances in which they are useful. I used a pair from my EMC-1 that sounded better balanced to a single-ended pre-amp.

Just about any custom cable manufacturer will produce these for you. I know 'Signal Cable' will make them to your requested length in either copper or silver, both at very reasonable prices.
Better to just buy Neutrik adapters and use your favorite cable.
The connection will be as good as right on your gear.
They come in any combination you want. See link.
Sugerbrie has the right idea. I use these and they're fine. Dave
Funny you should ask.

I just sent a pair of 2.5m balanced Kimber Heroes to the factory to be cut in half and terminated with RCAs on one end so that I'd get the two pair of RCA/XLR cables I need for my set up.

Now I don't need to mess with adapters and the cost was comparable. ($110 for this service)
I always find the aversion to adapters interesting; even if they are of much higher quality than the connectors the cable maker is likely to put on your custom cables.

Keep in mind that all gear has adapters. Inside your gear is bare wire. So does you gear have bare wire to RCA adapters, or does it have bare wire to XLR adapters ??

The only custom cable I ever had was a RCA to BNC digital cable. I got it free with a used CD player that was only BNC for digital. The seller figured he would not be able to resell the cable anyway (which is my point about custom cables).
Cardas makes an adapter.
Yes, I have a set from Audioquest, running from my Apogee mini-dac xlr outputs to the rca inputs on my Acurus DIA100 integrated amp. It seems like it was stock, not custom, as it came in a standard audioquest box. I got it from SoundCity on west 45th st in NYC. Be sure you ask for the right orientation (male/female) on both ends as per YOUR components. The first set I got was incorrect at the XLR side I believe.
Mine were ordered by my AQ dealer and I remember him answering a question about grade of wire. I went and found the box they came in & It was a Diamondback box for XLR but said nothing about RCA or it being an adapter.
As has been mentioned already most cable manufacturers will make them for you... and you won't get any real benefit from doing this beyond just using straight RCA cables... and no don't use adapters unless you HAVE to. The more connections you make the worse it gets.

That said, I have two such cables for my surround channels where the processor ends are RCA. The cables are Ultimate Cables silver series.