Any B&K Ref. 30 Gurus out there?

Trying to set-up Zone 2 to run some patio speakers. Followed the limited instructions in the manual but get no sound. All components being linked are operational, cables are to/from the correct jacks, etc. so it either a set-up problem or a problem in the Ref 30 (hopefully not the latter).

Would be very much appreciative of anybody that could walk me through the set-up procedure?

Thanks, Mark
sorry - most obvious question but - Are you sure you have Zone 2 powered on? It's a separate remote iirc . . .
Do you know if Zone 2 must be operated via the remote? The front panel display shows Zone 2 power is ON. I don't have the Z2 remote or the B&K remote. Only have a Home Theater Master remote that was sold to match the B&K remote. Problem is the Theater Master remote has no button marked "Z" (button 47) as shown in the B&K AV7.1 Operating Manual.

Does this mean I'm screwed:-( Seems like you should be able to activate/operate Zone 2 through the front panel display.
One other thought to add to the confusion. I can turn on/off the Zone 2 power via the front panel so it does seem that Zone 2 can be activated/operated without a remote.
afaik you don't need the remote - it works fine from the front panel. But, do you know that you have the correct sources selected? My recollection is operating zone 2 w/o the remote is confusing at best. But, if you can be sure you have the right sources selected, and are operating volume for zone 2, etc you may be ok. You may be able to get a universal remote and program it for zone 2 if you want. There are old B&K remotes on ebay all the time. They have a different code for zone 2. I have also seen zone 2 remotes listed.

Finally - just to be sure - zone 2 has no digital function. Your sources must be connected to the analog inputs or you won't hear anything.
Thanks again Brad. I believe everything is setup from the front panel correctly, but still no sound at least through Zone 2 variable level out. At this point I've run the signal through a fixed level output with an outboard volume control and the sound is coming through loud and clear.

I can certainly live with it the way it is, but I would like the ability to control the volume via a remote if possible. I welcome any other suggestions. I'd also like to figure out if its something I'm doing wrong or this feature on the Ref. 30 is broken. I bought the unit used and as I attempt to utilize more and more of the features I have come to realize that some of the features do not appear to work.
puzzling . . . I'm out of ideas except to check if somehow the zone 2 mute is engaged?
puzzling indeed. oh well...guess I shouldn't expect too much from a 10 + year old processor I paid 200 bucks for lol.