Any Audiophile Quality Internet Radio Stations Out There?

Are there any internet radio stations that come in with the quality of FM radio through an excellent tuner?  If so, what type of tuning device would you play it through?
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Radio Paradise is hard to beat.  They have a CD-quality stream.

Try this site:
You stream it with a streamer.
Or, if you don’t care about SQ use a computer, tablet, phone or a TV box like Roku.
The TuneIn Radio app gets lots o stations.

Try NEJX jazz.
They just played Miles, then Stanley Clarke.
Radio Paradise makes the worst recorded music sound really really good. Dunno how they do it, but they do it well. Absolutely amazing.
Djohnson: Thanks for the radiobit link!  Super cool.

Your taste may vary. I just don't care much for any of Radio Paradise 4 programs.
I'm more of a HD Radio - The Blues and ISKC Blues Cafe kinda guy.
For Classical Music, try
1) Radio Venice
2) WFMT from Chicago
3) NDR from the Netherlands
4) Radio Suisse 
5) BRO.  Bavarian Radio Orchestra