Any audiophile grade optical cables?

I am using the XLO Sig. series digital cable ($350 1M) for my 2-ch system and would like to know if there is any optical cable in that performance range from the HD-DVD player to my AV processor?

Or is there a high quality optical to coax convertor available? Thanks for your time.
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Take a look at the Wireworld Super Nova 5+ optical cable. It is all glass and not plastic and sounds great.
Read this:

Haven't used either of their recommended cables. Bought the Van Den Hul Optocoupler, received it today, wrong cable... so can't help you with whether it makes a difference/how it sounds. About $100 CDN new from distributor.
Oh, boy.........

I don't have time to 'splain all of this, but I would not use glass fiber unless it is at least 1 km long. That is what the laser diodes are designed to work into. Shorter lengths cause too much light to reflect back. Before you flame me, go ask the manufacturers of the laser diode transmitters. That stuff was designed for telecom use, and I don't know of many in the high-end biz that come from telecom. The result is that few in the biz really understand it. They just pretend that they do.
The VDH Optocoupler is an excellent optical cable (I have used it), but in my experience, 110 ohm digital cables generally sound better.

Are there any online dealers/dealers selling VDH Optocoupler optical cable in the USA?
There are many sources of real glass optical TOSLINK cables. You don't have to spend a fortune on them.

But, TOSLINK will pass jitter more so than a digital RCA or DIN connector. If you have an option to use one of those other cables you should seriously think about it. The sound is definitely better.

I'm no scientist, but I don't think that you need very expensive cables for optical applications. You are just transmitting 1's and 0's. Check out lifatec for optical cables. They are made here in the good ol USA and they are experts in fiber technology and cheap as dirt. I have some and they are great.....
It's been awhile for me, but about 6 years ago when I had a Rotel 5-channel amp and its matching processor, I had excellent results for my T.V and video sound using the top DH Labs Toslink cable. I believe it retailed for $50.00 back then. YMMV
Hello you guys an optical cable done properly with proper polished glass and connectors will not induce any jitter ,and is actually more accurate ,the transmitting
crystal is the biggest factor. The wireworld Super Nova 5+
will compete with any $5-600 BNC digital cable .I know have had a few thrown at me to compare thanks Paul.