Any AudiogoNers Winston Cup fans?

Do any of you follow the NASCAR Winston Cup? Do you have any favorite driver? I've been following it over the last 10 or 12 years myself. Got into it while living for a short time in South Carolina in 1990 - 1991. Some friends took me to the tracks at Talladega and Darlington. Got into following Mark Martin. Watching the dance of a 200 mph traffic jam and pit stop strategy is pretty cool.

I live close to Davey Hamilton's home track. It's actually only about 10 miles from my house. Many of my friends are circle track participants and they have been great help with my NHRA car. I don't follow NASCAR because there just isn't enough time but I admire the level of professionalism required to compete. The IRL, CART, NASCAR, Formula 1, Bonneville...there's just too much to take in. It's funny but performance car enthusiasts probably invented the synergy concept. Talk about ultimate tweakers......
Bonneville and Black Rock are my other two performance car fetishes! There is something wild about flat out "how fast can you go" Gary Gabelich was one of my idols as a kid.
I have attended both NASCAR and Formula 1 races. TV cannot possibly convey the speed these cars run. The first time I sat trackside in a practice session and watched an F1 car go buy at 215mph I pissed my pants. F1 cars represent the ultimate in tweaking... eveything is computerized: traction control, launch control, automatic transmission shifts (count 'em 7 speeds), engine performance (V10, compressed air valves and 17,000rpm) and telemetry. Some teams even have engineers at the tire plants full time. They even make computer models of all the tracks to set up their shocks and springs. I also love NASCAR because the cars can bang into each other, and the wall, without disentigrating. No high tech here... they use old fashioned carburetors, fuel pumps, and 4 speed manual transmissions with clutches. If you go to a race, wear your earplugs... race cars are seriously loud.
I just don't get NASCAR. On occasion I try to watch Formula 1 or rally races.
I work for Caterpillar, so you KNOW where my NASCAR loyalties lie. :o)
A Ward Burton fan. Me I don't work for, nor do I need to avail myself of Mark Martin's sponser's services ;)
Suddenly feel like a fish out of water? I had to finish a job this Sunday and guess what, I didnt go till after the race! I never miss a race (on tv) if I can help it and I am determined to see one at the track this year. Considering the fact that I live 30 min from Lowe's Motor Speedway I should be able to swing it.
Favorite driver? Mark Martin of course. Maybe its because Im not a kid, but Im kinda sick of the "Young Guns" that get all the press while drivers (with class) like Martin can be leading the points and barely get mentioned. And that punk Tony Stewert wins the Championsip! Oh well, its fun!
Races are pretty long so there is plenty of time to listen to tunes while you watch. I can see where to some it may seem like little is going on, but there is much more to each race than meets the eye. And its easy to forget how fast these guys are going untill someone loses it.
Martin is off to a good start, he needs (deserves) a championship!
You are so right! I thought for a while last year that he might be able to pull off the "champpeenship" He is consistant, as well as being a low key class act. I don't begrudge Stewart's win last year, but I was hoping to see the usual Tony "Self Destruct" Stewart come apart down the home stretch and Mark get his well deserved cup. Oh well - it is a blast to watch! I live within 1.5 hrs of both Dover and Pocono.
I used to be a pit crew chief for a formula car racing team, and I can agree with what was said earlier about how different the speed seems when you are up close. I used to hold the pit board up for the driver when he came by on the pit straight at 200+ mph. I was leaning over the Armco rail and he would go by about 2 feet from me at over 200. That will get your attention. I love racing.
Oh yeah, big fan here! I'm kinda into anything with big-n-stupid tires!!

I go to 2-3 auto races a year.Sometimes NASCAR, sometimes sprint cars (wings are for wimps), sometimes Formula 1, sometimes AMA motorcycles.

Unlike the previous posters, I like Tony Stewart for his , uh, "passion"...!! I also like Dale Jarrett (nice guy), Ward Burton, Kenny Schrader and Jeremy Mayfield (am I the only JM fan). I used to like Michael Waltrip before he started winning. He was a funny guy...........


TWL, way cool!
I'm a fan of almost anything with a motor. Been watching racing since before I could drive. Watching NASCAR since the days of the King,and Buddy Baker. Forty-three cars doing 190 at the same time. And Drag Racing,what can I say, 320 in a Quarter Mile what a rush. Something about SPEED,just like good AUDIO.
I'm glad to see so many fans of racing of all kinds here.

Despite my previous post, I do like Tony Stewart. He does seem to have a self-destruct mechanism though. I only made the comment because I have been a Mark Martin fan for a long time and really wanted to see him win it all last year.

This thread could work in the "Guilty Pleasures" thread too. In my profession and in my other hobbies, it sometimes seems uncool to admit to being a Winston Cup fan.
Have been auto race fan since teenager (longer ago than any other member, am pretty sure) and at age 65 participated in the Richard Petty Racing Experience at Charlotte - 80 laps over 1.5 days. My top speed - 154 mph - acceptable for a geezer. Earnhardt's death was a big loss for me as I was a long-time fan. I like Taladega, Daytona, Charlotte, Rockingham, Bristol and dislike the newer tracks; a bit boring (curves less banked to accomodate indy cars). Always enjoyed radio growing up, but no audio level stuff....did not exist.
Hi. I am. I used to work the Daytona 500 when I was on the fire department for 5 years. Quite honestly, I couldn't understand what the big deal was. I finally went to a race with some of my friends to watch it instead of work it and fell in love with the atmosphere and everything about it (went the next 8 years at least). I automatically took to Davie Allison and he became my favorite driver. Although he passed away, I still consider him my favorite driver. I've always stayed with Robert Yates. Since Jarret has come to the team, he's mine and my wife's favorite driver. (However my wife roots for Little E). I took her to her first 500 last year; we didn't get to go this year though; might try to do the 400 though.
Having only previously seen it on TV, I approached the idea of seeing a Winston Cup race with the same enthusiasm I would ordinarily reserve for a trip to the dentist. I envisioned it as being something as exciting as watching clothes go around in the dryer in the laundromat. This spectacle would be witnessed by a crowd, who, after the race, would go burn a cross on someone's lawn. However, when I moved to Florida for graduate school, I was visited by friends who insisted on dragging me to Daytona. "You've only seen it on TV?" one asked. "That's like watching a rock concert on TV." Nonetheless, I was completely unprepared for the delicious noise, incredible speed and the astonishing skill in driving that characterized the event. I have since moved to the great Northwest, hardly a NASCAR hotbed, but I will always have good memories of what I saw at the high bank oval.