Any audio shows coming up?

Would like to hear various systems. I do not have many dealers close to Knoxville, TN. Would like to see where I am at compared to other top shelf systems. 2 Channel is my passion but I do watch a movie appx. once/wk. My system is better than it has ever been but still curious. I have piega c8ltd hybrid ribbon speakers mated with an arcam av8 preamp with aloia 15.01 amp. Digital front end is level 2 modded hram denon 3910. Listening room is medium size (14.5x21.5x9') and is partially treated with 4 real trap, mini's. Still have huge peaks and dips as demonstrated from a low frequency sweep.
The next big show will probably have to be the CES in Las Vegas in January 2006. Not real close to Knoxville but it will have alot of systems to compare to.
A couple of things going on in Atlanta:
...not realy close to Knoxville but you can realy solve two things once you visit LV:
one is to gamble and another is to visit CES.