Any Audio Show in NYC in 2014??

I know there is an audio show (Axpona) in Chicago this April, but is anuthing scheduled for NYC this year???
The audio show business model does not work for exhibitors unless you are JBL, Denon etc. Small firms can't justify New York. Rocky Mountain is still the best show.
Last week of Sept. in Brooklyn....
Brooklyn Marriott Sept 26th to 28th it will be way cool!!

The best show is the one a person can get to.
Personally, the show this year is a big disappointment. People from Boston, Philadelphia (myself), Baltimore, etc. can get into Manhattan easily, and that has driven the soaring attendance the past few years. Moving it to Brooklyn this year will see the crowds plunge. That said, I'm trying to make it happen...
Love BROOKLYN great location!!!
Brooklyn for me is grad! Was there a show in Brooklyn last year or is this the first time it will be presented there???

Rick (RWD)
Here is an explanation regarding the move to Brooklyn and to September.
Thanks all for your information!!!