Any Audio Pro a4-14 owners in here?

I have a pair and love them. I'm sure there must be more of us out there... 

Forgotten classics old school Audio-Pro, I had the B2.50 active sub with isobaric'd drivers, great sub.

And your Active A4-14 were supposed to be good too.

Cheers George
@urmarvin, george, I have a pair, and had a a pair of the B250s. I loved the A414s when I first got them. Over the years, I had to replace all of the woofers, as they disintegrated, and used Kef B110s in their place, and they worked out great, and better than the originals. The Phillips midrange was a popular driver, also used in the DQ10s, as well as many other speakers. I no longer use them, as I feel they are very limited in handling much of my music, and do not compare to many other speakers I have had, or currently own. Glad you are enjoying them, urmarvin.  Enjoy ! MrD.
I bought mine about 15yrs ago. I replaced all the bass drivers shortly after I got them. Recently replaced the tweeters because one had become distorted. The Sipe drivers were NLA of course so I went with a replacement sourced from a Swedish company called HiFi Kit or something similar. I also am getting ready to send the amps off to Approved Audio in CT to get them refreshed. They have consistently impressed me with most everything I put to them. I have most recently had them behind a PS Audio 4.6 pre amp and a Classe cap-80 (pre outs). I like them better with the PS audio in its straightwire setting but that's a different story... 

I'm curious, mrdecibel, what music do you have that they don't hadle well? I have found that I don't prefer them for hip hop but I love them with Jazz. 

I think they work best in a near to mid field monitor setting. I have mine in a room that is about 10 x 13 on the long wall. I sit about 8ft back 

Also, My first Audio Pro experience was with the B2.50 with a pair of Spica TC50s. I would love to find one but I never see them here in the heartland.