Any Audio Grade Extension Cords???

I thought everything was all planned out with my new audio cabinet (custom built wood) but alas, I find my tuner needs to be located well away from my pre-amp -- about 6 feet. I've got some good rca cable to connect the two but my built-in power cord for my tuner needs to be about 4-5 feet longer to reach my power supply. Does anyone have experience with audiophile extension cords? Is there such a thing? Does it even matter when the rest of the cord going to the tuner is stock Marantz (no IEC)? Thanks in advance.
BMI makes an extension cord. His cords are very good but they are a bit expensive. Very nice person to deal with.
Jps labs has one.
I have heard that Virtual Dynamics can custom make ones for you. You can call them to ask.
Pure Note has a Sigma version with a female end connector. They will make one special for you for the same price as the regular cord.
Most members of Audiogon, Audio Asylum, etc would be stocked with the performance they would hear if they tried:

I’ve noticed a kit is available at:

Nothing in it for me, just trying to pass on a tip to fellow audiophiles. I suppose it’s system dependent but you don’t have much to loose! Sounded very good in my system.
Ozfly; I think you're headed in the right direction. At one time I needed a longer power cord for my amp and having nothing else, I plugged it into a cheap 20 ft. 12 ga. hardware grade extension cord, and it absolutely KILLED music quality-- it wasn't even listenable. I ended up special ordering a 14 ft. Syn Res Master Coupler, and with it music returned to wonderful.

I know this is not your situation, but it was my experience with a cheap extension cord. I believe Cardas makes a high quality extension cord with several outlets. Good Luck. Craig
I'm the mule who's assembling DIY PC Kits of Belden 83802 for folks for $32, or $69 assembled. I'll be glad to build you an extension cord using a fine Leviton Pro connectors (AC male and female...instead of IEC, eight?), for $3 more to cover the connector cost. Write me for details, and have a fine Thanksgiving. Ernie
Thanks everyone. I appreciate your time and advice.
Nobody`s mentioned who has a 6' extension cord that`s a version their Magic PC for $59. I`m ordering one up for my Velodyne. Robin
Save some money. DIY. Buy some Carol cable 12/3 SJO (available at Home Depot (gasp!)) and Marinco Hospital grade ends. Cost ya about $30. Do a blind test with some expensive stuff and I bet you can't tell the difference.
I'll assemble an EXTENSION CORD KIT for you consisting of 5' of the GREAT all-Teflon Belden 83802, matching outer jacket, and great AC male and female for $38. Add $3/ft for longer length. You'll make it up in less than 1/2 hour and be amazed at the performance. I'll send you one assembled for $72 if I have to do the work. RSVP
Ernie 781 483-3922 Happy New Year.
I now make 4 outlet 4.5" sq. solid cast aluminum 2 20amp duplex (P&S or Hubbell) power "boxes" with hard-wired Belden 83802 PC as a kit for only $55. RSVP for details.
Makes more sense than just a one-outlet extension as I had said last December. So by popular demand the PoBoxes are born. I can assemble them with a 9AWG PC too, for +$10.