Any Audio Enthusiasts in Alabama?

Anyone out there?
i'm in mobile, alabama for what it's worth.
There's a joke in here somewhere, I just know it.

Mississippi here. Where are the good audio centers in our area???? I'm a newbee putting together a system. Are there any audio shows near, say Atlanta? TY
Hello Catfishbob-
check out the Atlanta, GA link for info related to audio shows/shops.
I'm in Athens Alabama. And I have to travel out of town and most of the time out of state to audition new equipment. Only a Martin Logan dealer in Huntsville.
that's life in the 35611, my friend.
Your exactly right Kgturner. I recently traveled to Atlanta to listen to the Bryston 28B SST Mono Amps. They were very impressive. I plan on listening to the Audio Research Ref 5 Preamp with the Ref CD8 for comparison to the Ref 3 CD7.
My system consist of Macintosh MC402 Amp, Macintosh C46 Pre Amp, Audio Research CD7, Paradigm Signature S8 Speakers. I have been reading lots of post on cables and want to upgrade in the near future. My interconnects are nothing special just Balanced Tributaries, Power cables are all standard that came with equipment, Speaker cables are from Likis Audio no brand name, Yellow in color, Biwire.
Sweet Home Alabama where the skies are so blue!

I'm in Gadsden.

Saskia Turntables
Destin FL being lower AL.
Mobile,Al, thou I am from panama city fl,Ft. walton beach, Destin Fl.,pensacola Fl.

Send me a personal PM when you pass through Destin to hook up.

Audiolabyrinth & Glory -

are there any Audiophiles along the Alabama/Florida panhandle?

FL Pan has a few so mostly an audio desert.
Reviving an older thread here...
Still streaming and listening to all genres at my lo-fi in Rockford. Jafant, when you open a store/showroom, can I work there? 

dbtom2 - hope you are well. Happy Listening!
Anyone else want to get in on the fun?
I just wandered into this thread starting with your Thiel Owners thread. I'm in Vestavia Hills (Birmingham suburb) and I'm enjoying my Thiels like you. Are you nearby?
I'll be moving back to the Birmingham area in August.
Looking forward to your arrival- dancekerl

jonandfamily, as you can see, I started this thread quite a number of years ago.  There is one other audiophile in my immediate area. I have (2) colleagues in the Mobile area in which we gather and listen  a few times each year.  It would be really nice to set-up an Audio Club.

Happy Listening!

As we enter 2018, has anyone moved back to our fair State?

Happy Listening!

I’m in Harpersville. My gear isn’t audiophile quality but I love great sound. I wish we could get up a listening club for meetings every couple of months. 
Home sweet home in Westover.
Wife abducted the “he-man” rig for the master bedroom. Gotta love that.
i kept 1 of the other 2 for the SIT’s and Harbeths.
unipivot on VPI did in my Kleos, so I’m looking at the Hana Lineup for a replacement.
now I learn they are offering a diy to change it into a gimbaled mount.😡
anyone close by is welcome to come by and jam 👍