Any audible illusion owners in socal ?

Hello ! I have been shopping for a tube pre for a few weeks now and I've heard a few really good things about the audible illusion brand , but the unfortunate part is I can't seem to find a dealer around the Los Angeles area , so my question to any audiogoners is , are there any owners that reside up and around LA ...
You can deal direct with Art Ferris at the company. You can't audition that way, but . . . auditioning is getting to be very hard these days, and what with system and room differences, etc, it is not as genuinely useful as one might think anyway -- unless, that is, the audition is an extensive at home trial.

Galen Carol in Texas also sells Audible Illusions. If you call Art Ferris, ask if they have any B stock for sale. You may get lucky. I own a Modulus 3B in my main system and a Modulus 3A in my secondary system. I have had an Audible Illusions preamp in my systems since 1992 and wouldn't think of going to another brand. In all my years with their products, I have never, ever had any problem with any of the preamps. I also had an original Modulus 3 for some 19 years, I believe I sold it in 2012.
I recently took advantage of AI's factory buy back program and ordered an L3 preamp with my Mod 3A as a trade. A good deal for a great line stage was offered by Art...but the wait has been long due to supplier problems. But don't let that stop pou....the L3 is a genuine bargin at full retail.