Any Apogee Stage owners out there?

Need guidance on removal and reinstalation of the wooden side trim pieces
I had a pair of Stages many years ago, and had to send the trim back to Apogee for a minor touch up. As I recall, there were some screws on the bottom of the trim pieces, and once removed, the entire frame lifted off easily. Jason Bloom (R.I.P) was a brilliant speaker designer.
Jason Bloom (R.I.P) was a brilliant speaker designer.
correction here - It was Jason Bloom's (RIP) father-in-law Leo Spiegel (RIP) who was the real speaker designer. Leo S worked for NASA & had experience working with foil materials & conceived the idea of a ribbon speaker. Jason did all the marketing & the shows & I'm sure he dabbled in speaker design but i believe that he left most of the work to his father-in-law....

Sorry, OP, can't help you with your Stages since i don't own a pair but I'd fix them & keep them....
Wish I could help you but all I can say is IF they 're not buzzing , find the best electronics you can for them ( preferably tube based), be very very precise with their placement [ in a hopefully decent sized room] and enjoy their magic ( I 'm a former Mini Grand owner). Good luck and happy Lissn'n!