Any Anthony Gallo Strada Owners?

The Strada is Gallo's new bookshelf replacement for the old Due. It is supposedly the top end (minus the woofer) of the new 3.5 which replaces the 3.1.

Looking forward to hearing impressions.
Try Gallo owners thread on the AVS forum web site.
The Due is no comparison, the Strada is far far superior. I've heard them side by side.
New Strada owner here,and very very impressed.
My Stradas are still breaking in. So far, very quick, open, and detailed.
I have the 3.0s and the Stradas, both are amazing, can't decide which are better, the Stradas have about 15 hours so far and using with a M&k Sub, the Stadas will blow you away!
Like the 3.0 and 3.1 they are the most unboxy speakers I have heard even over things like the MBLs.
Replaced my Von Schweikert VR-4jr with a pair of Stradas and never looked back. (A TR-2 sub fills in the bottom end). I absolutely LOVE the electrostatic-like character of these Stradas. These are speakers that deserve the very best electronics you can afford - I am definitely short-changing them by using the Peachtree Decco as a dac/pre (amp is the W4S ST-500 - another terrific piece ) but I am going to audition the new Bel Canto 2.5 dac/pre in my system - that should hopefully provide the kind of front-end the Stradas deserve.
Can the Stradas be run full range or do they need to be crossed over to a sub?
Definitely need a sub, especially without boundary reinforcement. Don't take that to mean that they sound like little monitors, however: they are capable of throwing a simply enormous sound stage as long as it is present in the recording. They also play loud very effortlessly (of course driving them with a 250 wpc amp with 35 amps of current helps) :)
If you want to go on a beer budget with the Gallo Stradas, try the new Virtue Sensation amp with the tube buffer. With just the one tube change, you can change the character of sound to whatever you want. This combo is magical and very natural sounding. In 40 years of listening, I have not heard a more detailed or musical conbo anywhere, this is a must listen. It sounds like ESL's on steroids. Make sure you run the anp through the 80 Hz filter to get the best response. Add you favorite sub, this is unreal for less than $4000.

Can I ask what amp you are using with your Stradas?
I just purchased a pair of strada and am using a exposure 2010s integrated . Love the sound using aB&W PV1 as a sub
The combo reminds me of the Maggie 3.5 I used to have only with better bass response
Someone record thier Gallo Stradas and post on youtube so we can have a listen. Although a not very scientific listen.
I have both the Gallo Strada's with the TR-3 sub and the Reference 3.5's, using an NHT electronic low pass to drive the secondary voice coil in the woofer with a second amp. The Strada's are very electrostatic sounding, great imaging and speed. Amamzing detail without the listening fatigue and very easy to drive because the subwoofer amp takes a big part of the workload. They work real well with a pre-amp that has a built in crossover/ high pass filter. Amazing vocals and very dynamic. Work best in small to medium size rooms. The Reference 3.5's are better suited to a larger room and when they have the space to breath they project a massive sound stage between and outside the speakers....wall to wall and floor to ceiling. When the second voice coil is driven (via a low pass filter from 60Hz or lower) they are stunning. In my opinion to not use the secondary voice coils in the woofer is like hobbling a race horse. It renders the use of a subwoofer a moot point for music. Not required! For home theatre a sub will make a difference, but it's not required for music unless you listen to pipe organ music at very hi SPL's. I had the capacitor in my Stradas changed to the same one as used in the Ref 3.5's and it did open up the sound stage and added depth, but they are still for a small to medium room. The ref 3.5's get choked in a small room and need more cubic volume to sound there best...I sold a pair of B&W N802's to buy the Reference 3.5's and IMHO they are a superior speaker in every way...easier to drive and place, much less expensive to buy and image much better.
Just my opinion, but I like the sound better crossed over thru a good cleans up the critical midrange when you remove from 60Hz down.
I know a guy who runs them off the orinal Gallo passive sub for the Micros with a 10' Peerless which cuts off below 120 hz, very musical.