Any Alon Lotus owners in NYC?????

I would like to hear the new Lotus Elite or Lotus Elite signatures if possible. Thanks for your time.
Dolphin, try Acarian website at where you will find their address,phone and fax numbers. Don't expect quick response from them. I wanted to locate a dealer closest to where I live in Florida but Acarian was tardy in giving that information. Using the internet I located a dealer in California. I'm expecting delivery of the Alon Lotus Elite next week. I'm buying them without listening to them but based on the recommendation of a good friend, these speakers will suit me.
One of the Acarian dealers in California is moving to Florida! St. Cecelia Sound Gallery. Great guy!
Budrew, That's the dealer from whom I bought the Alon Lotus Elite. Delivery is expected next week. Can't wait to see the FedEx truck pulling up in my driveway. I've not met the dealer - only contact was by phone - but he was very helpful. He will be moving to Tampa, quite a long way from Palm Coast where I live. However, I don't mind going that far if the products and service are good.
Brian is top class. Very nice guy and very helpful. His "store" here in the Bay area was in his home. You made an appt and had all the time you wanted (though never overstayed his generosity). Great for tubes and high-efficiency speakers, and some other stuff too.
Actually, if you bought his Lotus Elite demos I listened to them! Great speakers; i just had too much glass for the bi-polar setup. You'll love'em.
have a pair of lotus elites on sale and display live LI write they are 4 months old