Any Allman fans check out new MFSL Idlewild south

I love the music on this recording, so that's a no brainer.
Just wanted to get it on vinyl, in addition to the standard pressing cd I have. I was a bit surprised to see on Music Direct they have it as around the number 2 or 3 best selling vinyl. I know they own MFSL, so they may recommend it a bit. So, anyone check it out. If so, did MFSL do a good job on this one.
Sonics are excellent, but for me the music does not compare well with Eat a Peach and Live at the Fillmore East.
Just rechecked the info on Idlewild south being number 3 best selling, and it was actually not MD, but Acoustic Sounds. Thanks for your feedback Merlinus, LATF is a tough act to follow, but Idlewild is still a great studio album to expand on my ABB vinyl catalog. I have the Eat a Peach Hybrid SACD and the sonics on my CDP are just OK. I do not have an SACD player, so it may be better on it's Sacd layer.
The improvement of SACD over CD of both Fillmore East and Eat a Peach is nothing short of phenomenal!
I took a shot at a CD anthology mostly post Dwayne for 3 or 4 bucks. "1969-79" this is the best sounding anthology of the Allman Bros. I have heard and I like the Century masters one just for the music. While I was there I snagged an original NM Filmore East on vinyl. I already own the reissue.