Any Alice Cooper fans?

Just listened to Alice Cooper's "Alone in his Nightmare" Cd which is the audio from a live radio broadcast from Alice's 1975 Welcome to my nightmare tour.
It was actually my 1st concert and is probably the best concert I have been too.
Besides the original Alice Cooper band, this in my opinion is the best band Alice ever put together. Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter's guitar playing is second to none. Its definitely worth a listen.
I was always a fan of the Billion Dollar Babies album. Wagner and Hunter play on there covering for Glenn Buxton who was a drugged out mess and couldn't be depended upon.
Another fan of AC. However, when I listen to him I have to do it alone. I got no friends 'cause they read the papers. They can't be seen with me. And I'm gettin' real shot down...
lol Taters. I mentioned to a girl at work years ago that I was going to see Steely Dan. "Oh, I love him" was the reply I got.
Love it to Death is a brilliant record played impeccably. Killer less great, but still fab. Jumped the shark a couple records later.
A fan up to about the Billion Dollar Babies album. Then my interest fell off. My 2 all time favorites are Love it to Death and Killer. But have some of the other stuff, including "School's Out" which came with a pair of panties enclosed.
Could that girl from work have been loving the (original) Steely Dan from Naked Lunch? A lot of times the magic stuff happens when bands are young and hungry. A big budget doesn't make it last forever...completely agree with Musicpod.
Big fan of Alice Cooper and an average fan of his music. Had an opportunity around 15 years ago to play a round of golf with AC...super interesting person and very nice guy.
I was a huge fan of his music probably up to Go to Hell. What intrigued me more was his stage show and what a funny and pretty cool guy he is(nothing like his character Alice). I'll always remember that first concert back in 75 at the Garden. What a show!!! And the amazing band he had for that tour. REMEMBER THE COOP!!!
I had the pleasure of meeting him, his band and entourage after a concert in Boston. The party went on long into the morning at this place that was over by Fenway Park. He was a friendly and approachable guy- lots of fun. I think he was the only one sober that night, which I thought was curious considering his rep at the time. Anyways,great memories or a great concert of a great time!
Yeah I partied with Vince too around the time the Muscle of Love album was released. Met him in an elevator and struck up a conversation and went back to his room and smoked some weed with him. He was getting totally sh!tfaced on Black Widows. It was at The Rivera in Vegas,he was there like me to see Liza Minili who did back round vocals on the Muscle of Love album.
He is a great guy,a friend of mine has run into him several times at a car shop his friend owns.
I have been a fan since I was 13 .I think my parents thought he was pretty strange.
He was! Especially early on during the mannequin days. Not sure who was first, him or the Beatles.
Went to the local annual record convention here in Eugene and, finally, found a mint copy of Killer on the original Warner green label for $5(it was missing the tear off panel). This was the first record I bought after my folks bought me a $69 stereo from JC Penney in 1972 and I played it till it wore out. Halo of Flies was (and still is) an amazing piece of prog.
My first album purchase back in 1972: Deep Purple, Machine Head; my second album purchase three weeks later: AC, "Love It To Death." For me, those two albums opened the doors to a magical musical adventure, which lead me to many, many great rock artists of the era. The original Alice Cooper band was in peace Glenn Buxton.
I like everything Alice Cooper has done; the bad, the good, and the ugly. He's number one in my book. He's cov3ered almost all genres, and he does it with a zeal.
No half assed stuff from him. He's got integrity and is very real. He doesn't do stuff like overmerchandise like Kiss. And yes, he's a cool guy to boot and respects the fans. A rarity in the rock music business.
Yes! My first concert: Alice Cooper and Steppenwolf back in '70/'71 in Detroit. Has been out of rotation for quite some time as I never did replace Alice's vinyl with CDs. But I think I will pick up "Love it to Death" and "Killer". Thanks for reminding me!
Very cool. How was the concert? Good, I bet.

Yeah, those have been remastered by Audio Fidelity.
"Love it to Death" is a pop/rock masterpiece! Easily places in my top 50 pop/rock albums of the 70's.
Dave_72: Concert was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Though my ears rang for days ;^). Kick-started my lust for bluesy R&R, which has never waned and is still a priority over 40 years later. Thank you Alice and John Kay, you rockin' bastards!
Read Billion Dollar Babies,it chronicles the bands descent into alcoholism and Drugs. It's very candid and spot on. That's one thing about Alice,he was always frank and open about his drinking and pill popping. I'm glad he has it under control now and if you ever hear him talk about Chuck Berry it's a real hoot.
I remember talking to my dad about Cooper at the height of his fame and he said"I hope he invests wisely."
Due to this thread, I just purchased the 2011 Japenese Shm remaster of "Love it to Death'. Unfortunately, it will be shipped from Australia in several weeks.
@Rockadanny. Very cool. I thought so! I've been into rock music for 30 years. Not as long as you, but long enough!
Since I started this thread, I've been listening again to the early albums. Especially Love it to Death and Billion Dollar Babies. Note sure if everyone is into YOU TUBE, but theirs some classic footage of Alice and the original band in the 70's that is amazing. REMEMBER THE COOP!!!!
And the sound of most of the AC albums is good to excellent. Some of the top mastering engineers in the biz mastered those albums. I'm speaking about the LPs. On CD, Alice varies quite a bit. I'm listening to the 'Muscle of Love' album (LP) right now, and the sound is spectacular on my system! honestly!
Hey DonJr; the women that said she loves him (Steely Dan) could be telling the truth! Steely Dan was the name of a steel dildo in the movie the Naked Lunch; that's where Steely Dan got the name. So it is true she probably uses it often and likes it! Speaking of Alice Cooper, how many of you know he is an Evangelical Christian and amazing golfer? A friend of mine shares the story of dropping off his infant to a nursery at Camelback Bible in Phoenix, AZ and telling the guy who he handed his kid to that he looked like Alice Cooper and Cooper answered, "I am"! My buddy was floored. Check out his restaurant new Chase Field if you are ever in Phoenix. Decent food.
That's funny...Alice working at a nursery. When you consider he did the song "Dead Babies."
I am an Alice Cooper fan.Ive been one since 1972 ,when I first heard the band.In high school a couple of girls started to do some of the guys up with mascara like Alice had around his eyes.I had the hair for it so I was picked the guy who looked most like Alice.
I remember going to the BB concert at the Great Western Forum in LA. It was a fantastic show. Of course, after it was over, and having burned a few, I walked the parking lot for hours until I found my car, one of the two or three that hadn't left. Them were the days.
Just received my Japanese Shm CD of " Love it to Death", never heard this album sound sooo good!
Saw him in the fall of 71 for his Killer tour with the guillotine, plastic baby dolls, and panties into the audience. I probably listened to Killer 10 million times during that period and still listen occasionally to this day. I always thought he had recruited the enormously talented musicians in his band but learned later that he grew up with them in San Diego and Detroit. Don't know much about his later music but definitely a fan of his earlier output. A definite plus at that time is that my parents hated him. One time my dad heard me playing Blue Turk on the Schools Out album and told me he thought the band was pretty good. I still remember the astonished look on his face when I told him it was Alice.
Would have loved to seen his early shows. The original Alice Cooper Group was the ultimate rock band. In the studio, Producer Bob Ezrin had a lot to do with the groups early albums musically. Look what Ezrin did with Pink Floyd's "The Wall".
I would play songs like Blue Turk, Hard Hearted Alice, Only Woman, and many others to friends and they couldn't believe it was AC. Like Rlawry said, AC recruited the finest musicians on his albums and live shows. David Bowie was the same. Bowie was backed by some of the best out their. As I originally mentioned,
Any AC fan MUST listen to "Alone in his Nightmare" CD. Talk about talented musicians.
I agree with musicpod, and actually got to see their Billion Dollar Babies concert. Killer has always been my favorite Alice Cooper LP. Just felt like they got derivative after Babies.
This weekend at my local used vinyl shop I found an absolutely mint, and relatively unplayed, original pressing of Killer with poster/calendar still attached. Wow, it's like 1972 all over again.
You hit a homerun once in awhile finding a MINT original pressing. Good for you.
Make sure you play "Halo of Flies" nice and loud.