Any Aesthetix Calypso VS Cary SLP-05 comparison?

looking for comments on any comparisons. I have the Cary 211A AE amps.

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I currently have the Calypso and like it a lot. It appears you've got yours rolled with the ultimate NOS Mullard 10M's... so I'm assuming you've maximized the sound of your Calypso, and your still not completely satisfied? While I have no experience with Cary's products, at $7,500 retail for the SLP-05, I would think/hope it could sound better than the Calypso... but if you are willing to spend more on a preamp, I'd also be looking at other options in addition to the Cary (CAT, VAC, Hovland, Lamm, First Sound).
thanks for the reply and I'll check out the other options. I'm VERY happy with my system now but you know - audionervosa ;) I do need balanced ins/outs and definitely want a remote and of course tubes ;)
The Calypso has a signature version upgrade out...

You may want to consider this...
I'm pretty sure you can upgrade the Calsypso Signature for $2500. All new guts, the sound is more like a Callisto or an IO.
I got tired of trying to make my Calypso quieter, and tube rolling got to be a bit of a pain. So I got an SLP-05 and it is everything I ever wanted in a pre-amp.

It's easier to use than the Calypso.

I like the sound better -- more integrated.

Both are fully balanced.

The remote volume seems easier for me to use -- I get the right volume even though it's not so evenly stepped.

The Cary is better built -- heavier at least, and the outboard power supply adds to both weight and the sense of a sturdy item.

Mostly, it's quieter. Both sound great. I didn't find the Aesthetix analytical and I don't find the Cary euphonic. But I do find the Cary to be more....pleasurable. I think less about my system and more about the music. With the Calypso, I was feeling the urge to tweak. Now I'm not.

I later (two years later) went with Cary amps as well. That's how much I like the 05.

I've written a review on this site, and my opinion still stands. The SLP is great and IMO, much better than my prior pre, the Calypso (which is, as it should be for the price, also very good).

If you are in Portland Oregon, let me know and perhaps we can arrange a listen.

Best of luck.


I got NOS tubes from Upscale, and I have a nice power cord.
thanks for the infos so far ;) I did get info from Glenn at Aesthetix about the upgrade. I also found out that GNSC is doing an upgrade for $2K. My Calypso is dead quiet - never had a problem with noise ;) I may just try the Cary - it would be the cheapest route after I sold the Calypso - IF I liked the sound better. The SLP-05's seem to stay on Agon for quite a long time though, if I had to sell it....
I'm curious, too, about a noise problem with the Calypso. Mine is quiet as a tomb. I love its sound and like the flexibility of having both RCA and XLR inputs/outputs. My only dislike is the remote, and I can live with that. Dave
Dopogue, what don't you like about the remote?
There's a simple gain mod for the Calypso which in my system cured the noise problem. It's just flicking a couple of circuit board switches if I remember, takes but a minute to do. Since then the unit has been dead quiet into my 106db speakers.
Occasionally I'll come across a noisy NOS tube, but you can't blame the preamp for that.
Also, Aesthetix are a great company to deal with in my limited experience.
Mantis, I probably wouldn't bitch about the remote except that my previous linestage, a CJ Premier 17LS2, had an absolutely magnificent metal remote. Dave