Any advice on a turntable mat.

My turntable is an original vpi scout with a grado sonata cartridge.Im currently not using a mat and it sounds great.
Oyaide BR-12 TT Mat. You can find it on Amazon. Even at full list its only $100.00. I have friends with VPI Classic 3s who use it and it is incredible. Use a record weight or clamp with it for best results. Your arm will have to be raised 5mm.
One of my favorite mats, (and I have over 40 different ones) is the Funk Firm Achromat.

My fav is the Boston Mat....but with VPI Classic Platter....just as it come
Do I understand this right,,,,,You have a Scout you are using without a mat ,and it sounds great! But you want advice on using a mat with it . Ive never tried a mat on my Scout,it sounds great as is. I would check the archives.Seems I've read that the Scout does indeed sound best without a mat. Not to say you could not try one.Just make sure you can raise the arm up enough with the mat you want to try.