Any advice on a pre-amp with HT pass-through?

I am looking to add a great sounding 2 channel pre-amp to my Home Theater system but of course it would need a HT pass-through. I am not looking to break the bank so any great bargains out there?
I would appreciate any advice the Audiogon community could offer.
Thanks in advance.
Krell KRC-3 has HT pass-through. Excelent build quality, balanced ins and outs, remote controll and very good sound quality for the price. Lots of them used on AgoN in $1200-1500 range. Just sold mine, was very pleased with it.
PS Audio, Aesthetix and some Audio Research.
Some of the BATs, Pass Labs, Modwrights new preamp, Adcom GFP-750 methinks, at least one of the VACs can have one, and the Cary SLP-2002. More will come to mind later, of course!
You should also consider the Rogue Audio 99Magnum, which can have the HT pass-thru set up on it. GREAT sounding tube pre-amp!
ARC LS16, has HT passthru. I think you can use the "tape loop" on older preamps in general, just not labeled passthru, volume control doesn't affect output
a used odyssey tempest - or new if funds permit-