Any 5a owners?

Well, I am a convert! Johnnie Rutan spent time with us last Friday, and we ordered a pair. One problem-the looooong wait for delivery. I am sure, however, that we made the right call, and the wait will be worth the agony. Had considered Focals, but in the end Vandersteen ruled.
Congratulations !!! Vandersteens are wonderfully musical speakers, and you should really enjoy them. Do a search here on Audiogon. There are lots and lots of threads about Vandy's, and many, many happy owners. Happy Listening !
John loves and respects Vandersteen speakers and really knows how to get them to sing. Nice Guy too.
John is a great guy (even if he hasnt got back to me) hint hint my friend. OK jokes aside your gonna love thise 5A speakers, congrats!
..I'm another fan of both John and Richard's speakers.
One of the finest speakers at any price.

I bought 5a off John and I never regreted it, he takes care of his customers and the speakers where wonderful had them for many years. He is also one of the best people to set them up which is equally important.
Like many, I love my 5A's, too. Just curious:

What amplification and source components will you be using?

Did you get to hear and/or buy the 5A carbons?

Happy listening! (But I guess that goes without saying...)
Have Rogue magnum 99 pre, Classe DR5s in mono, MMF 7.1 tt, and Marantz 8001 SACD player. Replacing my beloved Snell CIVs. Did not listen to the 5A carbons, with the recent price increase for 5As (now nearly 19K) this was all I could manage.'ll realize how good the 5A's are when you get better components. (Ayre or Audio Research)
Ditto Audiofeil's sentiment. I have an audio friend who has these speakers powered by Parasound JC1s and they are simply sublime and transportive. You will not miss a thing with the 5a. The bass alone is absolutely ruler flat to 20 Hz. Time and phase coherent too; no subtraction of musical timbre via phase cancellations.
5A's make music sound like music. Even with all their controls though, don't ignore experimenting with placement. I put mine, thanks to Zargon's advice, on some baking or cookie pans moving them inches and fraction of inches over many weeks before taking them off and finalizing their placement. Also, don't ignore their left to right tilt, get them straight up and down.