Anvil turntables

Anyone hear or buy this turntable yet. Nice review by Fremer.
Seems like a bargain if it can compete with the likes of TW Acustic
and Simon Yorke.
Hi everyone. I made the decision to keep a low profile until the review was published. In a month or two customers reports and demo experiences should be more widespread. Yes, the table does offer remarkable value. I am trying to keep the price down, however a 10% increase sometime in the next several months is almost inevitable. Despite the obvious strengths; quiet, among the most speed stable, ultra dynamic and punchy, the table is very even handed and balanced. I am making attempts to have demos available in Michigan, either at a designated studio, or in potential customers homes.The table will likely be used as a front end in several manufacturers rooms at upcoming shows. Thank you for the kind words.

Bruce McDougall
Anvil Turntables
My friend tell me he hear new table his friend buy from the Continuum factory directly only pay below $3k and it came with Copperhead arm.
Suppose to be the new cheap table that Continuum is working on. He say it looks like Acoustic Signature, very round but the finishing is more rougher.
I think that what my friend pay is ok though he said sounds wise is not spactacular
We at PrimeOne Media are proud to announce that we will be able to demostrate the new Anvil turntable...
Yes it is everbit as good as Mr. Fremer stated in his review. We will be able to offer turn key packages with tonearms, carts, phono pre,s ect..
We are located in Farmington hills Mi. 48331
Call Dennis at 248-553-4573
I met Mr. McDougall at AK Fest recently. While I did not get to listen to his table, he seemed very concerned with producing a great cost effective TT. His sincerity was evident, that combined with Fremer's glowing review portends good things from this company. Can't wait to hear one in the "Iron".
I have had an Alloy Convertible turntable by Anvil Turntables for more than a year and just have not gotten around to writing a review. It is an exceptional turntable, especially for the price. I got mine in a titanium finish to maintain the "metal" theme. It came with the heavy motor mount and new cork ball isolation pods. I was looking for a metal platter turntable with a non-resonant plinth/chassis. I did not want a composite, glass or MDF platter. I was also looking for a mass-loaded design as an alternative to the Thorens TD-150 I have lived with and loved for decades. Simon Yorke designs were the most alluring, but out of reach financially. I also like swapping out tonearms, which is not an option on another popular metal-plattered product line in the US. I kept coming back to the Analog Planet and Karlos5000 reviews until I finally took the plunge.

First, doing business with Bruce is an engaging experience. I enjoy this hobby and Bruce enjoys the discussion as much as I do. It is a far more personal choice for me when I can understand more about the products I buy than just purchase them off the shelf or out of an Internet catalog. I am sure his time will become more precious as sales of this turntable increase, but the discussions illuminated how knowledgeable he is regarding focus on what matters for good LP reproduction and what can be deprecated as not relevant to improving the outcome.

The turntable itself is quiet, a result of weight and innovative alloys to manage vibration. Reproduction of LPs is neutral. Articulation is particularly important to my enjoyment of reproduced music and the Alloy Convertible delivers the low noise floor and stable speed that delivers what I want to hear. Bass is solid and stable - low and clear. One example from the 45rpm version of Blood, Sweat & Tears I picked up recently is the rapid bass line that does not slow down or get muddy and just slams on. PRAT is excellent. I could go on, but the truth is in the listening and I cannot stop mining the large [3 generations] record collection I refused to discard through multiple moves. The Alloy Convertible works for me, delivering on all the issues that were important at a reasonable price.

The speed stability and low noise floor deliver the microdaynamics that get me closer to the microphone's view of the performance - more important than obvious macrodynamics to me.

The only difficulty I have encountered is setting the platter speed at precisely 33.3 or 45 rpm. The standard motor controller gets close, but the adjustment granularity forces selection of slightly slow or fast. Not significant, but consider the upgraded motor controller if precise speed is important - the speed stability is still incredible with the standard controller.

I do have the iron base, but have not had time to rebuild my shelves to accommodate it. Everything I have done to lower the noise floor in my system has demonstrated better resolution in reproduction, so I expect more of the same with the base.

For reference in interpreting my remarks, the phono chain in play is Lyra Dorian on an Origin Live Enterprise 3C tonearm. I use a Boston Audio Mat2. The electronics are all Pass Class A with Nordost balanced cabling and power cords/conditioning.
Halc, Can you clarify what you mean when you mentioned a speed control issue: Are you trying to say that you could not get the platter speed exactly set to 33.33 or 45 rpm OR that the speed would not hold stable after setting? There's a huge difference in terms of the consequences being audible and bothersome. Thanks.
The Anvil tt is great. Better than my Linn Lingo. Very solid and musical.