Anton Dvorak Symphonie NR.5 9 E-MOLL OP.95

I am wondering if anyone of you has the Deutsche Grammophon import of this work, from November of 1964, I would very much like to hear your input.
I found this quite by accident.
Hebert von Karajan certainly did get around...

I am shocked at this recordings quality.
Not so much from the sparkle, but from its minimalist though it was made with two microphones and a phenomenal tape machine.

I could not find anything about these records online, but I do notice it IS quite thick and straight...
Yeah, many of these early 60s DGs had this kind of natural miking. The Jochum Bruckner recordings, for example, are much more natural than the later EMI set in Dresden.
Haven't heard this recording, but many of von Karajan's recordings from the 60's with the Berliner were recorded in the Berlin Jesus Christus Kirche. There were so many very good recordings from that era in that venue. Too bad most of the DG recordings are not nearly so good.