Antiskate couter weight for Ariston rd 11 E

Looking for an antiskate counterweight and line for an Ariston rd 11E. Also a manual for that model. I need info on how to properly set up the antiskate. Anybody know much about this table. I just got one and like it! Gary DeHaven
it has been a long time, did your Ariston come with a tonearm? If not you will need to I.D. the one you have as what you want to know will be concerning it, not your AATT. I think my RD IIs had no Ariston Audio tonearm available whatsoever. {although I can't be sure} I have a SME3009 and there is bunch of adjustments but the one your asking about was simply the same as the weight on the needle, I think called 'tracking force' which is actually decided by the recomendation of the needle mfg. in my case it was ¾ - 1½ Grams which in terms of area is actually huge, like over a ton / I guess non of that prob. does you the least bit of help, but I thought, just in case. vettemanbc
I am not sure what tonearm, you have, but there are 2 main types of anti-skate weight systems. One that hangs on a thread, and one that slides on a thin shaft. Whichever type you have, you can make one that will work. Just take a small piece of lead, and form it into a small cylinder. Drill a hole in it for the proper size for your shaft, or for a thread to be put through it. Put it onto the anti-skate mechanism. When the anti-skate is approximately correct, the tonearm, when lifted off the record with the cueing lever, will return to the same groove when lowered back down. You can shave the weight, or add more weight until you achieve a good result, with an adjustment range. This is not any "black magic". Simply try different amounts of weight until you find one that is right. I would start with a very small weight to start(around 1 gram), and work up from there if you need to. If anyone on the forum has an anti-skate weight like this, it may be helpful to weigh it on a cartridge scale, and post the weight on this thread, to help him out.