Antique Sound Labs Wave AV 25 Monoblocks

Has anyone heard these amps or previous versions of them. I want to run them with 90db efficiency 4 ohm speakers. Thanks in advance!
Peter W
Hmm...what a cute little thing.

I loved and love the sounds of the 3 pairs of ASL-brand mono poweramps--Explorer 805s, Hurricanes, and now AQ1006(845)s--I've bought new.

I used the 50-Watt SETs to drive 84dB-sensitive speakers--Quad 989s--full range, in a largish (3200CF) room. You'd be a couple dB better off than that combo, but if you listen at high levels, probably they'd run out of power. you listen at high levels? How big's your room?
I'm actually only concerned with the first couple of watts as I very rarely turn things up at all and I can use a transistor amp for that if I wanted. The system is set up to provide as much resolution at low level as possible. The room is not big 14 feet square & 11 foot ceiling and I only sit about 4 feet from the speakers. The Waves were intended to stand in whilst I build some valve amps and to use as a reference point. If I can't do better than them then I better change my cheapskate ways and cough up for the bigger ASLs.
I had a pair and sold them on as they didn't match my speakers at the time. A friend bought them, and in his very large room they absolutely scream with 90 db speakers, filling the room with pounding bass rhythms. Incredible detail, transparency and imaging for the price, and like all ASL products, great PRaT. I've owned other ASL products, and will again: now looking at their 50-watt integrated amp to drive my AR2ax's.
Thanks John
Coming from you that's about all the recommendation I need. The Lenco's running like a dream btw.

peter w
Iwould like to use them on the top end of a bi amped system. I have modified vortex screens I use ss mono blocks on the bottom .I am looking for a softer sound on top .HOW DO THESE SOUND!