Antique Sound Labs Hurricane 200 DT

Anyone using or compared these amps to BATs or others?

Any, thoguhts or commnets appreciated.

Happy Listening.
I hope to put together a review (as best that I can) on this product real soon. I have approx 75 hours on them and have finally been able to draw out the best in sound. I must say it does take approx 50-100 hours of tube burn in before thay start to settle in and "sing".
I have heard of two experiences with different people that have had these and had to deal with reliablity issues as well as tremendous sonic disappointments.

One of them went to BAT VK-150SE's and greatly preferred them.
I had both amps in my system for a month. Feel
free to call or email if you have some questions comparing
the two amps. 319-266-8325
I am trying to drive a set of speaker rated at 82db.
Do i really need the 200w?
Yes, I believe you do? Depends on : room size, per-amp, listening levels etc. Howvevr, I have more (good/clean)power now and I find that it does make a difference.
hilleryx: I do not think 200 watts will cut it. How big a room?
RWD...I look forward to your soon to appear review of the ASL Hurricane 200 watt mono-blocks and their sonic imprint as well as about reliability, etc. Have heard some fine words about the amps as well as some caveats! Good listening.
Hi Angelo...take a look at the product reviews. I posted the review last Thursday. I also sent you a copy Wednesday night. Hope all is well!
I posted several of my observations and comments to your review of the ASL Hurricanes on 7/1/03. I hope they meet with your approval. Interesting enough, Russell gave your review good feedback also. Fine job! Happy listening.