Antique Sound Labs AQ1003DT opinions wanted

To those of you familiar with the Antique Sound Labs AQ1003DT.
Please let me know what you think about this amp.
There is one reasonable, in my neck of the woods.
Oh, I have read somewhere that this amp tends to have a "romantic sound" could that change some with tube rolling?
I have the ASL 1009DT. I would not describe it as romantic at all. In fact, I plan to make it sound romantic by rolling tubes...but I can't say I've heard other ASL products so I don't know if my 1009DT reps the house sound.
I had that amp for some time aboout 5 years ago and liked it alot. It puts out 30 watts per side and will power most speakers quite well. It was smooth and had great bass. See if it has a dial on top for easy tube bias.
I tried AQ1001DT, 1003DT, and 1005DT at home and ended up buying the 1005DT. The AQ1003DT sounded way too euphonical to my ears.

Read other reviews about their reliability issues.
I'm using The ASL 1003DT ,which has the response audio mod, along with the Merlin TSM-MXe and a Velodyne SPL800R sub. The EL34 are a Quad set of SED-winged-C's and A quad of mullard CV4003 for the 12au7's. The Amp was bought here on Agon for $750.

I find the amp none fatiguing, musical and to be well balanced for all types of music. I suggest ,if possible, to ask for a in home demo. There are certainly more expensive higher quality amps out there but if your price point is $750 used to $1300 new then consider the ASL as a winner.

Hi Witchdoc
Whats the response audio mod? what was changed.
This unit is stock.
My only other experience with tubes is my Eastern Electric Minimaxs, the power amps is great but it's 8 watts, it doesn't sound like an 8 watt amp as some might think.
But still,I want a little more spine in the beat,and more flexibility with speakers, the minimax is sweet and detailed,I'm hoping there wont be a trade off with the increase in power.

Thanks for everyone input.
Follow up:

I bought the amp and it's VERY good. I think it's around a 2000 or 01 model.The tubes I'm using are EH 12ua7 for the small tubes and SEDs for the el34's (among others)

This amplifier has a great dark quality to it,kind of like the 3020,it's detailed, but you hear the music first then notice the details,some of my cd's have never sounded better, after listening to this amp for a month or so, other amps seem too bright and the treble too forward,some worse than others, tube rolling dramaticaly changes the sound. It's like many amps in one. I just love it.

I sold my Accuphase P-350 power amp because this amp is SO much more musical and makes the music sound alot more natural and liquid and real.

Also, there is another quality,maybe a coherency, I'm not sure how to say it.
You can hear how all the instuments are interacting together,playing off each other, the synergy of the band,this jumped out at me with Donald Fagens cds and older 70's Heart stuff. VERY magical hifi quality. I think this is my most coveted stereo atribute I have discovered.
My Accuphase gear,and it's great, only starts to do this.

I have gone the way of the tubes now, and will not go back,how could I?