Antique Sound Labs 845 Cadenza Tube Suggestions

I recently bought a pair of ASL Cadenza Mono's (great amps) the tubes supplied are matched Valve Art 845's (not marked B, C or M)Valve Art El34's, the 12au7's are Tungsram ecc82's.

Can anyone suggest cost effective tube upgrades that may improve these already impressive amps?
Talk to Andy at Andy's Vintage Tube Service or Brent Jessee Audio. Both are good, all have delivered great tubes to me and to many others on AGon. They really know their stuff. i have also spoken with Upscale Audio and they are also great...with excellent reputation. hope that helps. Good luck.
Hi 123 bodge
How do you like it, does it have alot of power to rock at 90db,
Is this a 60 watt class A, may I ask what speaker you are using.
Will it handle 87db sensitive speaker
Can you describe your liking.