Antique Sound Lab....Triode????

I just learned that the new Antique Sound Lab Hurricane amplifier can run in Triode mode as well as "regular" mode. Can some one tell me the difference and what that means? I have Infinity RS 1-B's and was looking for something with more power then I already has (now using ARC VT 100 mkll @ 100 watts per). This was never mentioned in TAS review....I would think it would be very important??? Any info would help... Thanks!
Triode mode will give lower power output, but may give better sound quality.
Twl is correct, Rick, triode power is usually half of the power otherwise available from the amp in its regular mode. If you're listening to small groups, small-scale works or, particularly, female vocals, I think you'll like the triode mode, it seems to have a more intimate quality, for lack of a better description, maybe because it is a little cleaner and clearer; but for a Mahler symphony I'd stick with ultralinear/pentode/whatever they call it on your amps, the extra power would be needed to give more of the illusion of a live performance. Try it out when you get them (or did they come in?).
Not yet Russ...still waiting...(you've heard about the slow boat from........)????
Triode approx 100 WPC and 200 WPC in Ultra Linear mode.
Both are conservative and amp sounds more powerful than it's rating.
It is my understanding that TAS is going to publish another review of the "new improved" ASL Hurricanes. I also heard that anyone who wants the "older version" as reviewed in TAS by Hp can order the amp that way. However, all new Hurricanes imported will have the new tubes, caps and triode switch. The importer tells me that this new version of the amps is much bettered in all areas that were good before except better! We'll see and listen when they come in. I, for one, am optimistic and feel relieved that it is not going to cost us anything--unlike some manufactures of yore seemingly foisted upon us. However, the "new improved amps" ought to have some change in nomenclature to designate this improved version, no? is where it gets interesting. From what I understand, Harry Pearson heard the version with the old cap's. The newer ones (oil and paper???) were reported to be not as good???? At least from some folks who were heard the two with HP. Another reviewer, however, reports that the ones with the newer caps are better? Uhmmmmmmmmmmm..........very interesting!

Anyway, I will wait and see what comes in. Maybe if we all (who ordered this baby) can compare if we have different versions?
I wonder if Mr. Pearson gave the oil caps the necessary 200+ break-in hours needed?

Perhaps this (while maybe too simplistic?) explains the slight disparity between the two reviewers?

I too will also "join in the fray" with my comments, when I receive my Hurricane's.
Yes....good to hear! I must say, I just might call my dealer and ask him to obtain for me the "newer" version. He ordered the origional version at my request.