Antique Sound Lab The Wave AV-8

This is not an infomercial. I just saw a dealer selling these tube monos for $119. I went to the manufacturers web site and yup, they're for real. Now I've always been curious about tubes but didn't want to get into maintenance issues with tubes. It seems to me that this might be a cheap way to check out tube sound without laying long green. I have a Bryston B60 which can be used as a preamp so with some long interconnects I could have both tube and solid and still make next months mortgage payment. Anyone heard these things? Are they just toys? Comments always appreciated.
go to,
a lot of people are talking about them
have had a pair for 48 hours. they're not reference caliber ,but are surprisingly enjoyable. volume levels thru cerwin-vega dx-7's, aq opal ic's, aural symphonics purple v3 spkrcable,and aural sy missing link pc's, making conversation difficult without loosing fidelity. you get what you pay for, and they play bigger and richer than i'd anticipated. bass is there,nice mids, and highs not out of control. gonna put some vampire binding posts and cardas rca's on 'em. kurt