Antique Sound Lab: Problems with ASL reliability?

Has anyone had any reliability problems with ASL gear? I am considering getting an ASL Hurrican DT200 and wanted to know if I should be weary of ASL's track record.
Great gear! I had the MgSI 15-dt Set and it was trerrific.

It sold me on tubes. Great build quailty and features. I love the high qual speaker terminals. The 4mm Black satin face plate - awesome.

Highly rec

Would upgrade with some tasty NOS tubes to really sweeten the sound.
Very old ASL gear had some reliability issues but that was addressed many years ago. Their newer equipment is very good.
I agree with Meby. I had an AQ1006 for a couple months and thought it well put together and generally nice. For the $$ you can pick them up here at Agon they are a steal.

I have never looked at their big PP amps so I can't speak directly to your piece. I also have a lot of respect for Joseph Lau, the main designer at ASL. He does a great job and is very helpful. You can generally speak with him directly at the AAsylum tube forum if you need help changing something. He is very customer service oriented.

I remain,
Clueless is right Joe posts on AA and Harmonic Discord frequently he is very helpful and a nice guy to boot. Not many manufacturers are willing to spend their free time answering questions on forums like Joe, you definitely will enjoy the customer service if you decide to purchase a product from his company.
I was shipped two (2) of their integrated amps to audition. Both "DEAD" on arrival.

You be the judge.
Thank you, everyone who as so far contributed to this thread. It would still be great to hear from those who've had experience with the larger ASL Push/Pull amps.
Lindesfarne, pls tell us when, which amps, and from what source (dealer, etc.) you had your experiences--if you could please. It would be helpful to know more. Thanks.
Hi, i was at the Stereophile show last weekend. They had this nice ASL Tube amp on the Reference 3A speakers. I think the tubes were either 2A3 or the 300B tubes. But this Tube Amp looked really good. The system sounded great. Plus, I also heard that ASL headphone amp. Its lists for like 1200 dollars. It also can be used as a preamp. It uses 2A3 tubes and other tubes. This headphone amp sounded amazing. It was very smooth sounding and could go loud. When you listened to the ASL headphone amp, you heard them threw the tubes and the transformers weren't in use. I think the Transformers are used when the ASL is used as a preamp.
I have owned 5 A.S.L. amps only one was delivered with cosmetic problems but worked .They are a great deal for the cash.JK
Have the MG15 amp and it works flawlessly. Not even a hiccup, and it sounds great. I think this is one of the most reliable tube amps I have owned.
I bought rb99's MGSI15DT and I love it.Paired it with Triangle Titus and HarmTech melody line. Warmth plus accuracy and emotion.Upgraded with JJ/tesla KT88s from My "B" system 's getting more hours than the big stuff (MF A300 with Vandersteen 2 SIG> ) ! want to hear all their other amps. John
Good to know that ASL has some good track record, here.

I expect my 200 DT Hurricanes to arrive in a few days. I will let folks know how they sound if anybody is interested.
Sonically I love the Antique Sound equipment. One problem that I run across though is that their equipment is hard to work on because of a poor component layout design. For example, I have the MG-SI15DT and had to replace a defective bias. To get the board up I had to remove the front faceplate, remove the volume pot and selector switch, remove the bias meter, and remove the triode/pentode switch. If the layout had been more carefully thought out all someone would have had to do is remove 5 screws to be able to pull the board up.