Antique Sound Lab pre AQ2006DT and PS Audio HCA2

I have a PS Audio HCA-2 with an older PS Audio pre-amp (4H) and Vandersteen 2Ci speakers. Would the Antique Sound Lab pre-amp, AQ2006DT mate with the HCA-2? I'm looking for a little more warmth in a large room. Is anyone familiar with this pairing? Also, does the Antique Sound Lab have a remote? If the ASL isn't a good pairing, what do you experts recommend? Thanks, I respect most of what I read in the forums.
Undoubtedly yes. I had one before but an older one and sold it for financial reasons and will be getting another one tomorrow (with remote and cage) which is the latest version upgraded but still called AQ-2006-DT. I used it with a Mac 2202, Bryston 4B and now I will be using it with a pair of ASL Explorer-DT monoblocs. It has a sweet phone section for MM/MC cartridges and sounds marvellous. You may want to change the 12AX7's and the 12AU7's for some Mullards or Telefunkens or good NOS.

Good luck