Antique Sound Lab Leyla SET 845 integrated tube amp, manual and remote type or codes

Good day fellow Audio enthusiasts.

 I grabbed an older  ASL Lelya SET 845 tube integrated amp (early chassis analogue meter)  for some fun in a second system. but I did not get a manual or the remote with the amp. I do not know the bias levels and I cannot find a manual online anywhere. If anyone has one one they could share the bias levels with me and maybe if you could scan the manual and email it to me I'd be thankful. Also if you know the remote codes or remote manufacture type they used, so i can program a new remote that would be very useful to me. 

thanks for your help. 

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Hi Glen,  Just set your analogue meter in the green area.
However, the actual number is the voltage measured across a 10 ohm resistor, which is 0.850V. This is the max value. I would run the amp lower at between 0.75 - 0.8.  As for the remote. These were built from a dedicated integrated circuit, both the receiver and the transmitter. Actually pretty elegant, but not externally programmable.  I've built some using these IC's and they work pretty well.One thing. Are you sure your amp is remote controlled. Some weren't.  You can contact me directly through my website email, if you have any more questions.

Thanks Blackdodhifi,

I seen the bias meter green area and line so its fairly easy i was wondering what the proper voltage across the resistor was. thank you. 

figures the remote is a show stopper, I believe its remote as there is the sensor window  (yellowish) to the right of the volume knob. Shame i cant use the remote. I'll probably swop out that volume pot for a new TKD motorized one then, if it fits, and add the kit from partconexion for the controls. 

Either way i have a bunch of bad tubes and hi levels of hum so I have to sort that out first or its not worth it to me to put money into it, speaker are 105 b sensitivity so every noise is plane as day.