Antique Sound Lab Hurricane: powerful substitutes?

Hello, I have a Duntech Sovereign biamped woth a pair of ASL Hurricane for highs (100W in triode mode). I like very much the sound of the Hurricanes, but i think that the Sovereign would need more power for highs. So I'm looking for a pair of tube monos with more power and for a budget of 4000 $.
I have read good reviews for the VTL MB 450 signature. There is someone that have compared this VTL with the Hurricanes? What other tube monoblocks I should consider?

Another possible candidate could be the Manley 500 Reference...Comments?
Look for a pre-owned pair of Rogue M150/M120 or Quicksilver V4.

You will no longer need a fire extinguisher either.
I second Audiofeil's suggestion on the Quicksilver V4, and will add the suggestion of the Wolcott P220 monos. Both well within your budget expectations if you go with pre-owned.
Hi Audiofeil, do you think that the sound of the Rogue is as musical as the ASL? I have read that some people can found they a little thick. I like the sonic flavor of the Hurricanes and don't want something more lush or romantic....

In respect to the Quicksilver I'm looking for something with more power on triode. My ASL have 100W on triode and 200W in pentode, .......

Another brand that can I consider is Atma-Sphere. I don´t know the lowest impedance of the highs of my speakers and it seems that this can be an issue. I´m from Spain and near here I have found a pair of Atmas-Sphere Ma 1.5 MKI (from 1998)...
Carlesdg I would email Ralph directly for a response to your questions;Atmasphere is his audiogon username.
Hi Rleff, yesterday I send a mail to Ralph and today I have a detailed answer to my questions around this Ma.1.5 He confirmed to me that this monos have only 60W... I think that this is not enough power.

Near here I found a pair of Cello Encore monos (150W). I know that this is a very different option, but some friends are telling me that can be excellent substitutes for my Hurricanes. What to you think about this amps? (I have a Thor Ta-2000 preamp).
I met Ralph when I lived in Mpls,Mn after his first amps were coming out;I think his amps are one of the best in the world if your speakers are able to be driven by a OTL amplifier;having said that when I heard his amps they
were driving a soundlab speaker and the sound was first rate;controlled bass, midrange a tube lover dies for, and the highs were very exteneded; just fantastic.If your speakers are not OTL compatable Ralph suggests Paul Speltz's autoformer to increase the speaker impedance and make it a better load for the amp(s).
I think if there is any questions on that situation it is best to converse directly with Ralph;he will always give you a straight answer and not jam his gear down your throat to make a sale.
Mesa Baron
Magnumpi, the Mesa Baron looks nice but here in Spain where I'm, is a non available option.

I have see a pair of Melos 402 gold for sale (400W in triode). Some time ago I owned a Melos 333 Reference preamp and I have a good remember of this brand... This amps are really as good as some comments tell? And reliables?
In next week,My speaker Duntech Sovereign 2001 come to my system.
What do you use substand them?

My system.
Pre-Audio Research Reference 3
Power Amp-MC 1201
CD Player CEC 51XR
Speaker-Duntech serie Sovereign 2001
Power Cord -WW Gold Electra 4 cords.
Interconnect - WW Platimun XLR 2 Pairs.
Speaker Cable - Fim Gold

Thank you