Antique Sound Lab Flora EX DT vs Belles 22A

How are these two preamp compares?
Ellyjr, both are very good performers at this price range. The Belles 22A will give you a neutral presentation with very good details, extension, and sound stage. The Antique Sound Lab Flora EX DT will give you all that plus, with the right 6NS7's NOS Tungsol black glass round plates, beautiful timbres, more air around individual players, and what I call image density. I'm also assuming that you would get a Flora with the Mondorf cap upgrade, which most people do if they purchase this linestage. For more details on the Flora take a look at my review of it here on the GON.
Just realized I errored regarding the 6NS7's that I was talking about, there not round plates, but oval plates.
Thanks Teejay
I got an ASL Flora coming next week. It has the mundorf
caps upgrade and Syvania VT231, So you are saying that the Flora is better than Belles 22A? How does the Tungsol black glass oval plates compare to Sylvania VT231?
For my personnal taste in my system, yes I like the Flora better then Belles. I'm not trying to be over the top, but one of the most musical experiences I have ever had is when I put the Tungsol black glass oval plates in the Flora! So, yes by a wide margin the Tungsol's are better then the Sylvania's. These tubes are not in expensive, but well worth the price.