Antique Sound Hurricaines

Can someone please advise i) Antique Sound Hurricaines-quality control-good, bad, etc., hum problems, etc. ii) Does anyone know if the DT (new model) is superior to the original HP model? Any experience with these amps would be appreciated?
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Well, since there are no responses, let me see if I can answer some things for you.

Speaking from experience, I've owned my 'canes for the last 3 mos. or so. They are the latest version which has an improved chassis, a triode switch, the green square can PIO caps, and improved bias circuitry.

Looking inside the amps, I found a hodge podge of wires, as everything is point to point wired, besides the bias PC board. But alas, the wiring is neat, and the solder joints were decent for the most part.

I know that DT checks each amp for proper operation, tubes, etc. prior to shipping out. The tubes came labeled with respective socket numbers. I replaced the stock input tubes with EH 6sn7s, and there was a whole lot of hum and noise, but after putting the orig. tubes back, the hum and noise was gone. After a while, I rearranged the EH tubes into varying sockets until I found that the combination with the least amount of noise and hum. There was quite a bit of hum coming from one of the amps, which I fixed with a cheater plug. Perhaps a ground loop in my wiring somehwere??

I've had a couple of tubes go out on me, and a bias resistor on one of the tubes on one amp blew as well, and DT was quick to replace the tubes and sent me various parts to fix the bias problem myself (which I had no problem doing, as I'm techie enough to do it). They gave me other options to fix the amp, since the amp is under warranty: take it to a local technician, for which they would reimburse me, or to send the amp back to them (to Canada, too $$$). I am more than pleased with the service that I've gotten from them in helping me troubleshoot my initial problems and sending me the appropriate parts.

I like the amps very much because:
1) first and foremost, they sound wonderful
2) they are a simple design, therefore easy for me to troubleshoot and maintain.
3) they look cool and
4) did I say they sound great....

Hope this you....
Please allow me to add my comments also.....
I did a review on these amps in "goN" so please take a look.

I have the original version (HP?) but it came with the Triode switch. The amps sound fantastic (see the review).

As to problems? Well, that's were the price comes in. They are GREAT value BUT they are not at the level of, say ARC or CJ. One of my amps had a problem (it would just shut down) but this was remedied by my dealer (Lyric Hi-Fi). They gave me a new amp! I also lost a Kt 88 tube. Picked up two (one for spare) and I am in sonic bliss again.

Look into these amps But I would suggest that you get them from a dealer rather then for the distributor directly.
You are so right on all counts; I too have had the identical problems with my amps (latest chassis also). I bought them in Nov. essentially from the distributor in Canada. Since then, one was returned TWICE to Canada for
repair or replacement at about $160.00 one way. I didn't keep track of the serial nos so I can't tell. I thought everything was breaking in fine until today, when I found another tube which will not bias (3rd one out of 16). I must say that Tosh has been cooperative but this hasn't been very pleasant for DT or myself
Yes, Sphile, Tash from DT has been great to work with, very responsive and helpful.

I also agree with Rwd, based on the experiences by both, Sphile and myself, you must get these amps from a local dealer. If you see the same problems, let the dealer figure out how to fix, ship or replace the defective amp, not on your penny.
I bought the Hurricane DT In December 2003 and it ran fine for the first week and then one of the tubes glowed brighter than the rest and would'nt bias. I shut it down and ordered replacement tubes.(I did'nt use it for a week)The replacement tubes came and when I switched the tubes it did the samething.
Somehow when I replaced the old tube back in It worked?
Another minor problem is that I kept blowing the fuse on the board. I found a tube that would'nt bias and I replaced it
with a new tube and I've had no other problems since. (I don't have a tube tester).
I replaced the input tubes with Slyvania 6N7's.
I've had no hum problems at all, just great sound!