Antique Hurricane Bias

Ive noticed that some posts mention that sometimes the bias drifts on the new huricanes.
I have a pair of the DT hurricanes that are Rock stable on bias settings you pry need to break in the tubes from new for them to settle down. Also the way that the bias is set on these is very nice. I suggest anyone looking at thes to not nesitate and purchase.
yah, the new ones do look better, but I am still skeptical. My ASL 1009's (PP triode monoblocks using a pair of 845's per channel), although sounding great in my system, could NEVER hold the bias properly- I got thoroughly frustrated and sold them (for the build quality, not sound quality issues).

On the plus side though, along with an older modified pair of Altec 1570B 811-based 160 watt tube monoblocks; a buddy's fabulous DIY 211 SET; a pair of recently heard excellent Dehavilland GM-70's; and the ASL 1009's; I am a big fan of higher-powered triode tubes in general...

And yes, I have also heard the Hurricane (original version) on my speakers, and there were several qualities to admire- one of which was the 'presence' those amps created...
Altec-Lansing my. Been a long time since I've seen them mentioned. Had a pair years ago, to drive some electrostatics. They sounded pretty good but they were WAY too complicated, with their transformer-coupled circuitry and something-like-1200vdc powersupply rail.

Does the 1570 use a pentode* somewhere in the voltage-gain circuitry?

*--I recall in the '80s a Tim deParavacini/EAR preamp that used 6 triode sections in parallel to decrease fono-stage noise but then a PENTODE following that.
Its up to you. These things are a dream to bais havent had to touch the bais at all 8 stay exact. This is the latest.At low levels signgle ended will blow it away but crack the level a bit and Dam.
Needs to be driven with good tube preamp
I purchased a 12000 pair of krell mono blocks to see what im missing. Put them up for sale after 2- 1 hour sessions.
Had the cash the next day. Bought these. God what a diffrence. 2400.00 not bad.