Antipodes S60 LPS

Are there any Audiogon members that have the Antipodes S60 LPS? Have you directly compared it to any other LPS?  
What are you using (or planning to use) the S60 LPS with?  I am currently communicating with the Antipodes folks about updating my DX3 server to one of the newer models.  The S60 seems to be a product that can enhance or upgrade the S-series line-up.
I just sold my Antipodes DS GT. Now I have the S40 and I decided to order the S60 last night. In addition, I will order the S30 to use as a dedicated player and use the S40 as the server. Both will be powered by the S60.
Nice - that set-up should sound really good.  I am considering the K40 to use with another manufacturer’s player/endpoint or with a DAC having an Ethernet input, in the future.
I’ve been talking to Mark with Antipodes over the past week. He has been great and has gone out of his way to answer everyone of my questions.
Did any of your get / purchase this S60?I have a Bricasti M1SE with built in Ethernet Roon endpoint player so I just need Ethernet Server function. I bought the S30. It sounds great! I use with an Uptone Audio JS-2 which a great linear power supply but I’m thinking about adding the Antipodes S60. I’m curious about this power supply and wondering if anyone bought it.
I went with S30 because I would not need a lot of the functions on the S40 where my Bricasti does 1/2 the work. I don’t do anything crazy with DSP in Roon to need a more powerful based server. I think it sounds great. Better them CX.

I was wondering about the hybrid approach we seem to be hearing more about on the LPS world where they include switching mode with linear to increase speed delivery? 

I ended up getting the S60 and K10(ripper). My current digital set-up is the Antipodes S40, S30, S60, and K10. Per my conversation with Mark(Antipodes) it will take a week or so to totally break-in?

I actually ordered the Uptone Audio JS-2 and canceled my order. So much of this hobby is psychological to me, so I order the S60 to prevent from wondering if the JS-2 was the correct choice. 

Honesty, I can't tell you what adding the S60 is doing. I added the S60, S30, and K10 at the same time. I went from streaming music to listening to ripped CDs. It was immediately apparent that music had more body, detail, and more open. 

@ricred1 - That Antipodes combination you have should sound wonderful - enjoy it!  After happily using the DX (upgraded to DX3) for some years now, I decided to deviate away from Antipodes and ordered Mojo Audio's  Deja Vu EVO Media Server/Streamer.  I have been quite pleased with the sound of his Mystique EVO B4B 21 D/A Converter, which arrived earlier this week (and I previously owned his Mystique v3) so I am going to give the server a try.

@fsmithjack - if your Bricasti DAC has a direct Ethernet input, take a look at the Antipodes K40 which retains the high performing server function from their flagship K50 without the player function (which can be added later, if desired).  If my Mojo DAC had a direct Ethernet input, that is the direction I would have gone.  Obviously a converter/player could be used (such as my Metrum Ambre) to accept the Ethernet output from the K40 and then connect to the DAC, but I decided not to put another piece in the signal chain.  I also didn't want to spring for the pricy Antipodes K50.  The more simplistic option I chose was to order the Mojo server with the upgraded JCAT XCXO PCIe USB card and since the Mojo DAC is already optimized for the USB input (with its own separate power supply) I decided to simply use the direct USB connection between the server and DAC.   If for some reason I don't like the Mojo server, I will not hesitate to go back to Antipodes.
@fsmithjack - I suggest calling Antipodes that has been responsive and helpful to me and others. I have not owned or heard the S30 or S40 so I don’t want to try and answer without direct knowledge.
I looked hard at the K40, which offers their highest level of performance when used as a server from the Ethernet output. My next choice would have been the K30 about which Mark Cole (from Antipodes) had this to say...
"The K30 would offer a significant upgrade on the DX, I know this as I personally own both"
Instead, I decided to give Mojo Audio’s Deja Vu EVO Media Server a try. Mojo has been upgrading (Mac mini servers) and building servers for over 10 years and they spend a lot of energy optimizing the power supplies. I am currently enjoying their Mystique EVO B4B 21 D/A Converter and by using their server a simple USB connection would give me the highest level of performance. I have second thoughts about not moving forward with Antipodes, which has been an excellent company to work with from the quality of their products, to their communication and support, to their upgrade program, which I used twice on my DX3 server. Good luck, whichever direction you take.
Has anyone gone from the Antipodes K30 to the K50?  If so, please describe the differences.