Antipodes DX or Aurender N10?

Which one would you go for assuming cost is the same?  I won't rehash technical specs/features.
My Aurender N10 Music Server is a welcomed addition to my audio system. My audio system sounds more open, more natural, clearer, better bass and I am very happy I purchased the unit. The ability to switch back and forth between Tidal music streaming and my stored albums in the App is now a very easy process (one mouse click). The Aurender iPAD app is much easier to use than my MAC Book Pro computer.  Album selection is also excellent with several different album selection choices available.  

Aurender Customer Support is excellent and I have used them several times when I needed help.  They even implemented my suggestion for album sort options on the Tidal screens.

In summary, the Aurender N10 Music Sever is highly recommended for its great sound quality and ease of use.. The combination of its sound quality and its ease of use using the iPad makes it an amazing piece.  I am not familiar with the Antipodes unit DX and suggest you demo the Aurender N10 Music Server.
Thanks hgeifman.  The N10 is well regarded although I would love to hear from anyone who may have looked at the N10 and then bought the Antipodes.
All my albums were copied to a LaCie Hard Drive using the AIFF format.  Each album took about 3-8 minutes to be copied and I copied 10-15 albums per day until I was finished (this is not fun).   The hard drive was then exported to the Aurender N10 Music Server.  I used a MAC Book Pro Compute for the copying.  

Unfortunately, since I created my AIFF files using iTunes, I had major problems getting the album cover art exported to the Aurender.  iTunes stores the album cover art in a HIDDEN, encrypted location that is not easy to find.   Aurender Customer Support was very helpful during this process.   I suggest you review the exporting process for ANY music server BEFORE you purchase it to ensure you understand how to export your albums to the music server.  

My instructions for successfully coping the AIFF file and its associated cover art is documented below in this Audiogon link:

I also included in this link additional suggestions and instructions for using the Aurender N10.  For example, how to handle a power failure.   Please note me if you have any questions.
Linkster, Have you made a decision regarding the Antipodes DX or the Aurender N10 Music Server?  Or, maybe something else?
Antipodes DX Gen 2 here.  I was very happy to hear a clear improvement over my previous very good CD player, and I did not hear the same improvement through a tricked out Mojo Mac Mini.
No reason for me to compare with N10 because I was happy with the DX right out of the gate.  In my system, the DX offers good resolution, excellent tone and texture, full, powerful bass, and very good staging.  IMO the sound is natural, and pretty much exactly what I want from my system.  
Having read different opinions of the N10, and from those who have compared the two, I have the impression that those who value resolution, clarity, and frequency extension over warmth, tone, and texture, typically go for the N10.  Both units have their fans.
As I also have Antipodes DX, I’d say it’s super resolving, definitely much more than Esoteric P05 transport that I auditioned in my system. I also know two DX owners, one preferred it to Esoteric P02 the other has both dCS Scarlatti and Antipodes DX in his system.
Antipodes can be further upgraded with a better power cable, the best one can afford, since it’s a transport, hence a source. I also use the best fuse I know of, very audible in my super resolving system, and then you know what the server is capable of. Ah, and then there is a choice of Squeezebox and Roon with Antipodes, and Roon is supposed to sound even better, they say, I haven't heard it yet.
Any new Antipodes DX2 owners out there?  Thoughts on the sound versus the previous DX.
Check out their website. They are up to DX3 now, which is their one-box solution but they also have some new options in their highest-level "X" line, being the CX and EX.  You need to read closely but there are distinct advantages related to each model and you can use both (one as server and one as renderer) for a very high level solution.  They are great about upgrading existing models and I just made the decision last week to go ahead with the Gen 3 upgrade for my DX.  To your question, I have not yet seen any reviews of the new'ish DX Gen3 but I know some are using it.  The Gen3 is supposed to offer meaningful upgrades to Gen2 so if you are interested in the DX I would go for the Gen3 but you should first read about the CX and EX.
I’ve compared the Antipodes DS GT to the DX generation 2. I preferred the DS GT and submit it’s a much better value than the DX gen 2. I haven’t heard the DX gen 3 yet. I hope to have one soon.