Antipodes customer service

Simply had to plug the outstanding customer service offered by this fine company. They manufacture music servers that are positioned among the very best. My unit is the latest DX model that also burns cds to its internal storage. I stream Tidal via Roon with very high end results in addition to listening to DSD downloads and my burned CD collection. 
I have had some handshake(?) issues with my dac that Antipodes has killed themselves to identify. Free shipping both ways to Denver with great communication to me so that I would know what’s going on. 
The issue turned out to be my dac which was not their problem to begin with unknown to me. No arrogance on their part at all and great patience to explain to me what’s going on with some solutions that would negate sending my dac back for service which I am loath to do.
Too verbose I am but if you prefer to buy products with superlative customer service definitely give these guys a hard look. They are good! 
+1 regarding Antipodes customer service--I haven't had to send my unit in at all but they are quick to answer questions when needed.
turned out i didn’t need to send mine in either.
I love hearing stories like those.....   makes me really think when it's time to buy something new.   Support is just as important than the product you are using if you ask me.   

I am lucky to be able to say just about every component in my system has given me outstanding support , or is renowned for their customer service.   
agreed. they are a good one.