Antibalas fans...

Are there any Antibalas fans out there?  Recently I set up a station on Pandora and have been really enjoying the results.  I wished there were audiophile LPs available.  Honorable mention for the Budos Band as well.  
YES! I've been grooving to Antibalas for years, and have seen them live I think 8 times. 3x in Minneapolis, once in NYC when I flew there to see Fela! On Broadway (they're the onstage band), once in St. Paul when that same musical was touring, and believe it or not 3x here in Boise, twice for the big Treefort fest and most recently in a bar about a year ago. The last one had maybe 50 folks show up, which was a bit sad but they just don't have the big name recognition I reckon. 

I will say their 2nd most recent record (gods in peace) is my least favorite, it's a concept record, and the grooves aren't as jammy as their others. and I've heard them play it live twice now.

Their early record (Talkatif)  is their best imo. It's stunning. Haven't heard their brand new one yet. 

ps the 2nd time I heard them was at an outdoor gig, they were opening on a 3 band show. The headliner was David Byrne. Can't recall the middle act. 

pps if you dig them you'll flip for Fela Kuti, their inspiration and my #1 favorite musician of all time.