Anti-Static Treatments

Some audiophile catalogs sell Nordost's ECO3 anti-static spray for around $40. Can I get the same effect on my speaker cables and interconnects using a generic anti-static spray (the kind they sell in the laundry aisle in the grocery store)? How about rubbing my cables with a Bounce sheet? Just trying to figure out if the $40 price tag is justified.

Radio shack sells an anti static spray for less than $5.00. I would have to say $40.00 is a complete ripoff.
I don't know if the other items you are referring to work, but I can vouch for the ECO3. It Makes the MOST difference (in my system) by using it on a cd/SACD. Then much lesser differences on the i/c's and spkr cables.
Good listening!
I have heard Endust for Electronics is basically the same as the expensive stuff. May have read it here.
I found the Endust for electronics at my local ACE hardware store.
I love the Nordost ECO spray, cds, dvds, cables, that stuff really works........ I liked the Walker fluid too but it's a pain in the neck to apply. Gonna try the L'Art Du Son enhancer at some point. Any way you can't go wrong with the ECO spray.
Thanks for the responses so far. I use Auric Illuminator on my CDs, so I was thinking about how to treat my cables.

Am I correct that a dryer sheet contains the same chemicals as anti-static spray? Rubbing my cables with a dryer sheet would be less messy than using a spray and would avoid getting the stuff all over my wood floors.
I have been using anti static wipes that are found at computer stores. I find they work very well on CD's and have used them on my cables once i'm not sure about the improvement. Also try using a bulk eraser like RS used to sell, when I borrowed a friends and tried this on cables, CD's and speaker crossovers I found it to make big improvements. I am thinking of getting a Mapleshade Ioncast a lot of people seem to like them.