Anti-Static Brush

Anyone have any experience with the Thunderon Conductive Record Brush available from Sleeve City? Seems to be pretty effective ridding lps of static.
It's another OEM version of a Kinetronics brush commonly available in photographic stores like B&H. A slightly larger model with an extended handle with an optional ground wire is also available and sold as the Big Record Brush by Acoustic Sounds.
I've had a positive experience with the Mapleshade brush. It has very soft fine metal bristles and a long ground wire with a pin that plugs into the ground of a three-prong AC outlet.
I use a static draining brush by Maplshade. It actually has a ground wire attached that you plug into the ground terminal of the closest electrical outlet. The brush is very soft, but does its job extremely well. It looks like junk, but does work.
I use the Sleeve City record brush ($10.95) and it works great! Best brush ever!

Gently hold it while the record rotates. Gets rid of static, and collects dust very effectively. Just rotate the brush in the holder to sweep off the collected dust. The brush is grounded to your body by holding it. No need for a ground wire.

Very similar to the old Decca record Brush with the same two rows of conductive fibers.
I find any brush with goat hair utterly useless on vinyl. Attracts more dust than removes
Another vote for the Mapleshade brush. String is right, it doesn't look like much but it removes static better than anything I've tried. I read somewhere that the grounding cord on the "Big Brush" isn't actually grounded to anything.
I bought the Mapleshade brush and cannot endorse it at all. It sheds fine metal fibres very badly, which then get caught up in my cartridge as they are attracted to the magnet. An utter nightmare!! It helped with static though, so would be great if only the thing didn't shed fibres everywhere.
Furtech Destat 2 is 100% effective the brushes are garbage.
I have an ultrasonic cleaner KL Audio LP200 and no longer have any static issues. Don't even zero stat before records

The brush Acoustic Sounds recommends ( brand escapes me) does a great job