Anti Static

Can you guys recommend any anti static paraphernalia for vinyl? 


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zerostat gun


used dryer anti cling sheets

I've been using the Nagaoka No.102 for years but I don't think they're particularly effective.
Another vote for the Milty Zerostat.  You have to follow the written directions though and they're counter-intuitive:  Discharge the record after playing it / spinning it on the table.  Repeat for the flip side.  Don't know if this is the same as the Nagaoka.

The easiest way for me to use mine is clean the record, discharge it and return it into an antistatic sleeve for later play.  Then discharge it again after every play.  Works well.

Good luck!
Thanks guys.

I'll try the Zerostat effischer...

Milty Zerostat has been discounted...
 Very effective as long as you follow the directions (good tips on proper use in the forum archives).

Additionally, I have found there is less static build-up after playing a record when using a Herbie's Way Excellent II Turntable Mat. Also an audible benefit to sonics over a felt or cork mat.
This (new) version is a shadow of the original issued in the 80's. You could feel and almost see the energy shooting out. Not to mention the new one is ridiculously overpriced.
gruv glide completely kills static.  Not so much now, but at one time I had horrible static discharges coming off certain records and GG cured it.  When properly applied it works well and does not gum up the records or change the sound, IMO, athough some have an absolute revulsion for anything smeared on the record.  Your choice, but it definitely works on static.  Sound?  I really don't think so.  
The Milty is expensive. Occasionally there are some lightly used original Discwasher Zerostats on Ebay.
The carbon fiber brush from audioquest doesn't completely kill static but it does get most of it for me. And the dog hair..
Thanks guys. 

I can still purchase the Zerostat here in the UK.