Anti skating on Michell Tecnodec - Yes No Maybe ?

My Tecnodec has an oem version of the Rega rb250, modified with a Michell tecnoweight and VTA adjustment.

i just reset the VTF, and now I am playing with anti skating.  The dealer told me that he does not use anti skating at all, so it has been set to zero since he mounted the Lyra Delos on the arm 2 years ago.  Now that I am trying to learn the art of cartridge mounting, I am adjusting his handiwork.  I just set the VTF to the exact spec Lyra suggests, and now I am considering anti skating.

the Suggestion is to set the anti skate force to the same as the vtf.  I did this, but the control is not a very accurate / precise device on the arm I have.

how can I see if I have too much anti skate?  When I lower the arm to the record, the arm wants to slide a touch back towards the edge, making it slightly challenging to drop the needle on the record leader without it wanting to slide off!  Is this too much anti skate?  Should I drop it to 1g rather than 1.75? 
My first playground was an AR turntable with a REGA RB 300 tonearm with a Shure Ultra 500 cartridge. When I had a dealer play with it he forgot to set up the antiskate. It sounded shrill without a bottom end ... it sounded rotten. I put the anti-skate to 1.0 and was pleasantly surprised. 

Michael Fremer stated that when he spoke to the owner of SoundSmith he was informed that most of the wear on the units he rebuilds were on the right channel, indicating too much anti-skate was employed on the vast majority of cartridges. I go between 67-80 % of vertical tracking force as a general rule. Fremer's videos and even You Tube have excellent descriptions of how to set up your anti-skate. 

Look and hear for the obvious,i.e., the arm moves left or right when you lower the arm, and hear for yourself what sounds better.
Hi Mark,

I’ve never understood the recommendation that is provided by some manufacturers of turntables and tonearms to set anti-skating to be numerically equal to VTF. Frankly, and consistent with what you have found, IME/IMO it is ridiculous.

Opinions among experienced audiophiles vary as to what setting is likely to be optimal, though, and as you may have seen that question has been the subject of controversy in a number of past threads. Some advocate zero, while others advocate a relatively small fraction of VTF as determined by listening.

What I would suggest, though, is that you first try the procedure I suggested in my two posts dated 4-11-2016 in this thread, and then fine tune by listening if and as you see fit. I’m not certain that the procedure I describe would be usable with cartridges having particularly low compliance (with which I have no experience), but I suspect it will be suitable for use with your Delos.  And yes, I wouldn't be surprised if the right answer in this case turns out to be just a little bit under 1 gram.

Best regards,
-- Al

The only way you'll know for sure is to set the arm with and without a/s and listen yourself.  I've done this a number of times and always come out with no anti-skate sounding the best to ME.   I believe that a/s damps the cartridge in its use, and therefore decreases the stylus's ability to move freely..thus affecting the sound negatively.  There is no way to determine the correct setting....its changing all the time....just listen and make the determination yourself.
What Almarg said, and to a certain degree, what Stringreen said.
Your dealer has a right to his opinion, but he should have made it clear to you that his is just an opinion.  No matter what one does, there IS a skating force present when using any pivoted tonearm in which set-up the stylus overhangs the pivot, which is nearly all of them.  The problem is, as others mentioned, the skating force is a moving target across the surface of the LP.  Moreover the vectors of the forces that combine to generate the skating force also change direction.  My approach is to start with the most minimal amount of AS permitted by the mechanism and then listen for signs that you might need more, most notably distortions that localize to the R channel.  (Usually, I find that the minimal setting for AS works fine.) Like Al said, the idea that AS should equal VTF in magnitude is preposterous.

So far so good.  I had AS set to 1.75 o match the VTF and it was too strong.  I dropped it to about 1 or a touch more, and it seems better.  Haven't had time to critically listen yet.  Will keep you posted.  Thanks!
The Tecnoarm is a fantastic arm. I have one of these as well as an Audiomods arm. I am particular with anti-skating and feel that setting your arm and cartridge up appropriately will save your canti down the road, even if you don't hear a difference with different settings.
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Just set it by ear. Now this might be a little complicated because you may prefer different settings with different records. I had this kind of fun but eventually found the best overall point. It was not zero but it was less the half the range.