Anti-jitter device with I2S output?

Hi all,

I'm running a Muse 2+ DAC, which sounds dandy through the coax input, but this model also has I2S input and I've heard that this takes the DAC to a whole other level. I seem to recall seeing somewhere an anti-jitter device that could output a I2S signal from coax, toslink etc. Anybody know of such a thing? I suppose there might be options from Apogee, Camelot, Theta, Monarchy etc. Let me know if you have any experience to share.


Like this?

Audio Alchemy Dti Pro 32 has I2S. It works great too.

In addition to Kr4's suggestion the old Audio Alchemy DTI and DTI32 had I2S output, and I believe that the Camelot jitter reduction device (can't recall its model) also supports I2S.
Better still would be a xport with I2S out. The I2S protocol strips out the U bit, and may negate the need for a jitter device. But a jitter box may be easier to come by than a xport with an I2S output. Camelot made such a device which I once owned but another fellow really wanted it so off it went. My dac did not suffer too greatly. I have a Muse too, but not a 2+. It is still a great dac, esp with the Bessel filter and balanced options. Good luck.
If memory serves me correctly, the Muse 2+ had a proprietary I-2-S connection, very similar to the Sonic Frontiers I-Squared-S-enhanced interface in their Iris 3 transport and Processor 3, but not exactly the same. The I-2-S that Camelot used was a round 6 pin and the Alchemy and Perpetual Tech units used a mini-din 5 pin. As mentioned in a previous post, I think your best bet would be to look for a matching Muse transport. Again, if my memory is correct, it was the Model 5. I think a few of their DVD players had this I-2-S interface also.
The Muse connector may look like the SF implementation but was backwards compatible with the Alchemy/PT/Camelot implementation. The SF I2Se, however, was not and SF units are best used with each other, only.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions, guys.