Anti-Cables with NAD and Vandersteen

I'm looking into the Anti-Cables as my first upgrade from 12G wire, and have two questions regarding my partnering equipment. First, is the Anti-Cables spade lug narrow enough to fit the barrier strip on my Vandersteen 2CE Signature IIs? Vandersteen recommends 7/16" max, and the Antis are 1/2". Can they squeeze in?

My second question has to do with bi-wiring. My NAD C372 has plastic binding posts with a very narrow (~1 mm) slot for a single spade lug per terminal. Are the Anti-Cables spades thin enough to slip two into that narrow slot? Or should I have one set terminated with bananas on the amp end? Though the NAD has two sets of speaker terminals, I'd prefer to run my wiring from just set A: among other things, Vandersteen recommends this.

I'm looking at about $160-180 for two 8' pairs with appropriate termination, and I'd like to stick close to that. My last question, I suppose, is if anyone thinks another cable in that range might be a better performer/value. Thanks in advance.
Signal Cable is a great, bang for the buck, choice. Frank is a pleasure to deal with. Both cables should be terminated to single connectors at the amp end and dual connectors at the speaker end. You should be able to get smaller spades if you ask. Can't speak to anti-cables. I've never used them.
Talk to the folks at anticables they are very helpful. I bought a couple pair. I replaced a a pair of speaker cables in my main rig which retail for over $700 and was well.......supprised as all get out. I am still using the little copper cables. Call them!!!!

I have a NAD325, I couldn't fit the spades into the binding posts on the amplifier end. I had to cut the spades off the anti-cables, remove the enamel and slip them into the small hole. Don't know if the 372 is the same.

Works fine though, not too elegant but supposedly the cables are better stripped. Can't be certain of that.
I would get them unterminated. They will then easily accommodate the Vandersteen's. The binding posts on the NAD shouldn't be a problem either. The wire gauge is 12awg. Past posts recommended unterminated as the best sounding too.
Personally, they weren't a good match on my Vandersteens. They are very revealing but it was a case of too much because I'm using Class D amps (Channel Islands D200's)
The Anti-cables sound great with Vandersteen. I have had a pair for around a month on my 3A sigs. I ordered them with the vintage spades for the barrier strip and they fit. I did have to take the screws all the way out of the barrier strip and then start them in the spade because they would not slip over the screw. Also, I have heard quite a few speaker cables and solid core cables are definitely my favorite for Vandersteens. I don't have the same amp as you do, but I was able to stack the spades on the amp end and it was a pain. IMO anti-cables are as good as one can get in this price range when used with Vandersteens and they really do take a long time to burn in. I have no idea why they need to burn in, but they definitely sounded better after 150 hours or so.
I'm using Anti-Cables on my Vandersteen 5A's. If you read my previous posts, you will see that I tried all of the highest price cables and Anti's were the keeper.