Anti-cables vs Signalcable silver resolution

Is there someone who have tried them both ?
I too am curious about this comparison. I may just go ahead and try the anticables since they are so inexpensive. But, I would like to benefit from the expereince of others.
i shall try both. just ordered a pair of sc sr sp cables. i shall give a report later.
Thanks, Grisslehamn! Enjoy the experiment and let us know what you think.

I have not ordered either yet. If I had a short run I would but have a very long distance to cover (in biwire) so even these reasonably inexpensive cables add up. I am currently using Kimber 8TC and am looking for an upgrade.
I have no experience with Anti-cables but I did recently purchase a set of balanced Silver Resolution interconnect cables and they are amazing. Extremely detailed, transparent and smooth. They are called Silver Resolution for a good reason, resolution is something they really shine at without added glare or grain. They could go head to head with many high priced cables IMO.