Anti Cables vs Alpha Core Goertz-Spkr Cables

Thoughts on the above----powering Vandy Quatros---CJ 250 s ET 5 Pre---bi wiring all.

Or back to sorting through Audioquest, Kimber, Cardas--etc.
I had the Goertz MI 3 Copper in my system for a couple years and loved them, they replaced some highly touted cables, which I won't bother to mention on this forum.

A friend suggested Anti Cables, at first I sorta laughed, then visited his place to listen the next evening.

After the audition I left shaking my head in disbelief, sold my Goertz, bought a set of Anti Cables for $130

In "our" systems which are quite different, the effect was the same, highly musical.

I used various speaker cables with c-j ss amps, the Alpha-Core Goertz were by far the best with the c-j ss gear. The Alpha-Core Goertz are also prized by those that use Vandersteens. I strongly suggest you avail yourself to the generous free trial Alpha-Core offers before deciding. Be Be sure to ask for the RC networks. Good luck!
I use Anti-Cables on my system....all Ayre with Vandersteen 5A's. Ayre recommended Cardas or their own Ayre cable (a Cardas design) which I bought. A friend wanted to try his Purist Anniversary's in my system which I did and was amazed at how much better it sounded. Rather than plunge in with Purist I auditioned nearly every other cable I could find. Audioquest silver (Everest and Sky) and Anti-Cables turned out the best performance. They sound a bit different, but no one that I played them for could make a decision as to which is the better one. I bought the Anti-Cables.