Anti-Cables Vrs Alpha Core AG-1 speaker cable

Anyone do a shoot-out between these two speaker cables? There is "huge" price difference. $90. vrs $670. with terminations for a bi-wired four foot pair. I'm running Vandersteen 2Ce Signature 2's. Read great things in the Stereophile Jan/2007 Art Dudley comments on the more expensive AG-2 Alpha Core speaker wire with Vandersteen. These are far more expensive than the AG-1's But, also read great things on the Anti-Cables by Paul Speltz as well. This morning I ordered an eight foot bi-wire pair of Anti-Cables for another amplifier. How could I resist with termination and shipping at $187. dollars. Wondering about the Anti-IC interconnect cables as well? Anyone care to comment?....
Perhaps the less expensive Alpha-Core MI series might be a more relative comparison?
Good point. Never considered. Thanks.
Alpha-Core offers a generous free trial period. Ask for the RC networks, some amps absolutely require them.
Speltz interconnects are steller, especially with the Eichman bullet connectors...once you have the Speltz speaker wire broken in (minimum 200 hours) I doubt you'll be looking to spend more money on any other brand...they are terrific at any price
Agree with Larryken; the IC's with Eichman's are shockingly good for the price, or by any objective measure.