Anti-Cables speaker cable impressions:

Forgive me in advance for possibly using audiophile terms incorrectly, as they seem to make sense as I use them?
I purchased the Anti Cable L3 speaker wires, Level 2 interconnect, and a digital cable from anti cables. I am upgrading from 12awg tributary brand standard style speaker wire, Tributary A1 silver interconnects, and Blue jeans dig coax.

The Anti cable digi-coax is much better than blue jeans digi coax as it should be ($20 vs $150), much more open and wider soundstage. The Anti-cable interconnect was an improvement that seemed obvious at the time I made teh switch. Unfortunately something has happened and to one of the tributary interconnects and it is not letting the signal through, so no back and forth testing on interconnects after the initial switch.

Speaker cable: First impression was surprise at how they look and feel. These are stiff (quite pliable but stiff) and not meant to lie neatly on the floor. No problem for me, it’s the sound I am after. After a little bit of a struggle to hook them to the amp and speakers due to stiffness, I cued up some music and got to work.

Initial reaction was being impressed by how the cables open things up and widened the soundstage. The sound took on a more pronounced holographic nature. I was excited and all seemed good until I started noticing some sounds that seem out of place or not connected to the instrument they were coming from as they should. After further examination it became obvious that a lot of the musical information in the mid-section was less dynamic than I was accustom too. Basically it seemed out of balance. Sounded great on the musical extremes but the in between stuff got a little loss. I hope that make some sense?

Break-in. I let them run non-stop for days and got well over 100 hours on them. I could not detect much change or improvement. Maybe a little after the first several hours?? Hard to say?

Of the two options I now have, I would prefer the more balance sound of 12 gauge zip wire that I already have over the greater clarity and extension from the anti-cables speaker wire.

I now need to find a cable that maintains the temper of the 12 gauge zip wire with more openness and wider extension for under $500. Way under $500 would be nice too. Any suggestion on speaker cables and interconnects would be welcomed.

My set-up
McIntosh MC 2150 solid state
Parasound Halo P5 pre-amp
KEF LS50 Speakers + 2 SVS sealed 12” subs (all speakers still in audition stage and in question)
Airport express via Wireworld Super Nova 7 Toslink to Preamp DAC
Rotel CD player via digital coax to Preamp DAC

I currently use Tributary A1 Silver RCA cables and Tributary 12AWG Speaker wires. 14 x 19 room carpeted 75% or the area
Mapleshade single or double Helix, I have both. After ownning and demoing most of the major manufactureres over the years, including Audioquest, Tara Labs, Harmonic Technologies and others, Mapleshade has all the coherence and detail I could ever want. Plus they are very fairly priced. The only drawback is that they are stiff.
This cable quest can be a pain in the butt. After trying copper ICs and SCs, I settled on silver cables. They are better conductors than copper since they don't oxidize like copper so bare ends (the best way to go) can be used with speaker cables. Here's what I presently use:

Speaker cables: Tempo Electric-just under $400 for 8' lengths.
Interconnects: Darwin Silver ICs- $295 for one meter.

Neither are bright nor favor the high end. They dig deeper into the bass region than any copper cables I've had. They impart great tone and texture along with the most even handed balance I've heard.

There's only one caveat: the Tempo Electric SCs took a full 3 days to break in which had me scratching my head, wondering if I made a mistake. Not to worry (I posted a review here under cables in the review section). The Darwins, on the other hand, took only about an hour to settle in. With both, I have the most immediate sense of presence and coherence and can hear lots more yet all in a natural and relaxed manner. I hope this helps.

All the best,
I just can't believe that wire has to be broken-in.
Be interested in more responses here, as I just acquired some KEF LS50s also. The speakers are still breaking in, so I'm taking it so far with a grain of salt.

Of the speaker cables I have tested so far, which are diy 16 gauge magnet wire (similar to AC), Liberty HT wire (which is a basic stranded power cord style cable) and Goertz Alpha core verity copper cable, the Goertz stuff sounds much better then the others. I actually had the opposite reaction to the mag wire, as I though the soundstage strung a bit.

The Kefs are said to need a warm amp, not sure if the Parasound falls into that category. I'm using an Aragon 8008, which is more neutral.
I had a similar issue as the OP with Anti Cables L3 with our KEF Reference 201/2. For us (for now) the fix has been to combine Anti Cables L3 with Canare 4S11. It is a bit unorthodox, but I can report that this combo sounds really, really good across the spectrum. It is, however, unsightly and unweildly, and sooner or later I will likely move on to an easier to handle speaker cable. But for now, this is the trick.
Nanotech's wires imported by Jaguar Audio (no association) have gotten enough good press in some respected review 'zines and are so cheap that I am going to order them for a trial the next tie I have a need due to system change. I am finally happy at last with the cables I already own so I will only buy another cable if one fails or my system config changes. But, if I see any new rave "giant killer" reviews from a credible source, I might try a set just to experiment with.

This link is to a current audiogon listing and contains links to some of Nanotec's reviews. I'm just too tired to copy those links so here that ad: (again, no association, just very curious).